10 Most Evil Things Light yagami Did in Death Note, Ranked

“Death Note” stands as a groundbreaking entry in the realm of shonen manga and anime, unveiling the riveting transformation of Light Yagami, an enigmatic antihero whose brilliance and malevolence captivate audiences like never before. This epic tale unfolds as a gripping thriller where death and treachery become everyday occurrences, and Light’s unwavering determination pits him against formidable adversaries in L, Mello, and Near.

In the outset, Light Yagami embodies the quintessential high school idealist, nurturing dreams of a world purged of wrongdoing, enabling the innocent to savor tranquility. However, fate intervenes with the introduction of the otherworldly Death Note, an artifact that thrusts Light onto a shadowy odyssey. Bereft of remorse or second thoughts, Light embarks on a sinister journey, perpetrating unspeakable deeds to stake his claim as the deity of Kira’s newfound dominion. Manipulation, deceit, intimidation, and murder are just a few of the tools in his arsenal, as he ventures further down the abyss in pursuit of his ambitions.

10. Light yagami Left Misa For Kiyomi Takada

Even within the intricate web of Light’s relationships, his treatment of Misa Amane remains a glaring example of cruelty, as he callously abandoned her in favor of Kiyomi Takada. Despite their engagement, it becomes evident that Light’s commitment to Misa was merely a facade designed to maintain her infatuation and cooperation.

In Light’s calculating mind, Misa’s utility had reached its expiration date, prompting him to sever their connection. Kiyomi Takada, on the other hand, possessed a unique allure. As a fervently pro-Kira newscaster, she enjoyed a degree of invincibility, rendering her an invaluable asset. Light, ever the strategist, recognized the immense potential in Kiyomi’s intellect and extensive network of contacts, a stark contrast to Misa’s own resources.

The transition from Misa to Kiyomi was not without its consequences. Misa’s understandable jealousy and subsequent emotional turmoil were played off by Light as a twisted form of dark humor, underscoring the manipulative and heartless nature of his actions.

9. Light yagami Orchestrated A Bus Jacking

In the early stages of the Death Note series, Light finds himself pursued by an FBI agent named Raye Penber. Faced with the threat of exposure, he resorts to drastic measures to ascertain Penber’s true identity. His machinations culminate in a harrowing incident involving a bus hijacking, a choice that ultimately exacts a heavy toll on those involved.

The meticulously crafted scheme orchestrated by he forces Penber into a situation where he has no choice but to reveal his identification in an attempt to disassociate himself from the bus hijacker. Regrettably, this ploy results in the loss of a life, as the criminal responsible for the hijacking meets a tragic end in a vehicular collision. The repercussions extend beyond this fatality, as the passengers on that ill-fated bus endure profound psychological trauma from being held at gunpoint during the ordeal.

Witnessing the gruesome demise of the hijacker further compounds their suffering, leaving an indelible mark on their lives. Light’s relentless pursuit of Penber’s name exacts a heavy moral toll, casting a stark shadow on his path.

8. Light yagami Killed The Remaining Yotsuba Group’s Members

In a particular juncture of the story, Kyosuke Higuchi, having acquired the Death Note, orchestrated the assembly of a clandestine Kira group within the confines of his corporate workplace. Each member of this group bore some level of responsibility for either actively participating in or abetting Kira’s actions.

However, the distinctions within this group were stark, with only Kyosuke Higuchi embodying the archetype of a true malevolent force. The others, it can be argued, were unwittingly ensnared in the web of Kira’s influence, their roles casting them more as victims than villains.

Light, in his quest to regain control of the Death Note, ultimately took Higuchi’s life. This act, while consequential, did not necessarily evoke a sense of unmitigated evil. However, it is Light’s subsequent actions that cast a darker shadow. He chose to eliminate the remaining members of the Yotsuba group, even those who had begun to distance themselves from Kira’s ideology.

These killings were driven not by an imperative to maintain justice, but rather as a means of eliminating loose ends. What makes this particularly disconcerting is that many of these individuals were not only breadwinners but also fathers and husbands, rendering his actions a source of profound suffering for multiple families. In this context, the moral ambiguity surrounding Light’s choices deepens, leaving a haunting imprint on the narrative.

7. Light Yagami Had Rem Create A New Kira

It’s crucial to clarify that Light Yagami did not directly initiate the formation of the Yotsuba group; that notion was conceived independently by Kyosuke Higuchi. However, Light bears responsibility for a significant and morally consequential action: providing Higuchi with the Death Note. Light’s decision to orchestrate the Death Note’s transfer to a greedy individual, as per his request to Rem, set in motion a chain of events that would lead to the loss of many lives.

What sets his actions apart is that they were not driven by a noble pursuit of ridding the world of criminals. Instead, his primary objective was far more self-serving. Light sought to create a new Kira figure, not to cleanse society of wrongdoing, but to divert attention away from himself and Misa, ultimately aiming to establish their “innocence.” This motive, rooted in personal preservation, underscores the tragic consequences of Light’s choices.

The deaths of numerous individuals and the emergence of a new Kira were all part of a complex scheme designed to secure Misa’s release from confinement and convince L that neither he nor Misa were the true Kiras. This selfish motive further deepens the moral complexity of Light’s character and actions.

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6. Light Yagami Killed The U.S. President

The narrative within Death Note strongly implies Light Yagami’s involvement in the assassination of the fictional U.S. President, David Hoope. This intriguing twist in the story is underscored by the compelling motives at play. At the time, the malevolent Mello had gained possession of an additional Death Note and leveraged this newfound power to issue a dire threat against President Hoope, insinuating the possibility of launching destructive nuclear missiles.

In a bid to thwart Mello’s ominous plans, he joined forces with President Hoope to reclaim the Death Note through forceful means. Unfortunately, their collaborative efforts proved unsuccessful. Faced with the perilous prospect of President Hoope remaining under Mello’s influence, he resorted to an exceptionally ruthless maneuver.

He seemingly inscribed President Hoope’s name into the Death Note, compelling him to end his own life. This drastic measure was taken to ensure Mello’s continued containment and to safeguard against any further manipulation by the cunning antagonist. The story’s intricate web of morality and power dynamics takes a dark and compelling turn with this daring move by Light.

5. Light yagami Tried To Kill Kiyomi Takada

Light held a profound respect for Kiyomi Takada’s remarkable capabilities, both as Kira’s spokesperson and a prominent news anchor. However, even Kiyomi’s standing and contributions to the Kira cause couldn’t shield her from the chilling specter of betrayal. A pivotal moment in this narrative unfolds when Mello, a formidable adversary, abducts Kiyomi, setting in motion a sequence of events that would test the limits of Light’s ruthlessness.

In a shocking turn of events, Light decides to write Kiyomi’s name in the Death Note, orchestrating her demise in a blazing inferno. To eliminate all traces of evidence, he takes the drastic step of incinerating her belongings as well. This calculated act of treachery serves as a stark testament to the depths to which Light is willing to descend in pursuit of his ambitions. It marks a pivotal juncture in the narrative, for it is here that Light’s downward spiral commences.

Unbeknownst to Light, however, his actions set into motion a chain of events that would ultimately contribute to his undoing. At almost the same time, Light’s loyal ally, Teru Mikami, employs his own Death Note in an attempt to eliminate Kiyomi. This unexpected convergence of events creates an opening for Near, a formidable adversary, to substitute Teru’s Death Note with a cunningly crafted replica, setting the stage for the final act of this intricate and morally charged drama.

4. Light yagami Used Rem To Kill L & Watari

Light Yagami harbored a sense of discomfort with the profound protectiveness that Rem exhibited toward Misa Amane. However, Light’s cunning nature led him to discern an exploitable angle in Rem’s unwavering devotion. This strategic insight would prove pivotal in the unfolding of his intricate plans.

In due course, Light orchestrated Misa’s return to her role as Kira, a development that did not escape the keen observation of the brilliant detective L, precisely as Light had intended. It was during this phase that Rem, the Shinigami, began to grasp the perilous predicament in which Misa found herself, reluctantly recognizing the imminent danger.

Light’s elation knew no bounds when Rem, compelled by her devotion to Misa, took the drastic step of eliminating both L and Watari. In this chilling act, Light achieved a feat that exceeded the capabilities of all Shinigami, a testament to his twisted genius.

The unsettling aspect of this scheme lay in Light’s macabre manipulation of Rem, effectively coercing her into an agonizing moral dilemma that pitted her life against Misa’s safety. Light’s shrewd prediction that Rem would prioritize Misa’s well-being underscored the depths of his strategic prowess and moral depravity.

3. Light Yagami Exploited Misa’s Loyalty To Him

When Light encountered the enigmatic goth girl, Misa Amane, it became apparent to him that a willing pawn had fortuitously crossed his path. Misa, who had tragically lost her parents to a murderer, harbored an overwhelming debt of gratitude towards Kira for exacting retribution by dispatching the criminal. Yet, this very vulnerability left Misa susceptible to Light’s manipulative machinations.

Light’s involvement with the second Kira extended beyond mere alliance; it transformed into an exploitative relationship where he harnessed Misa’s unwavering loyalty and profound gratitude. In doing so, he systematically twisted her into his personal instrument, erasing whatever remnants of innocence remained within her.

Throughout their association, Light Yagami maintained an unyielding perspective, viewing Misa primarily as a means to an end—a tool to advance his own agenda. Regrettably, Light never reciprocated Misa’s ardent affection, perpetually cold and detached, further underscoring the depths of his calculated detachment from genuine emotions.

2. Light yagami Used & Killed Raye Penber

In the initial episodes/chapters of Death Note, Light Yagami commits some of his most morally reprehensible acts, with the mission to eliminate Raye Penber standing out as a particularly dark moment. Light’s actions in this sequence are deeply troubling, and they mark a turning point in his descent into darkness.

To obtain Raye Penber’s name and subsequently end his life, Light Yagami orchestrates a distressing bus hijacking, using it as a ploy to compel Raye to reveal his identity. This ruthless maneuver alone is a grave transgression. However, Light’s malevolence does not stop there.

He manipulates Raye into inscribing the names of all other FBI agents in Japan onto Death Note pages, a calculated act that results in the tragic deaths of twelve innocent individuals. The callousness with which Light yagami carries out these indirect murders is chilling, and his taunting of Raye as the latter succumbs to a fatal heart attack underscores the depths of his moral deterioration.

Perhaps the most heart-wrenching aspect of this ordeal is the collateral damage it inflicts upon Raye Penber’s fiancee, Naomi Misora. Left bereft and shattered by the loss of her loved one, Naomi’s heartbreak serves as a poignant reminder of the human toll exacted by Light’s unchecked pursuit of power and his willingness to sacrifice innocent lives for his own objectives.

1. Light yagami had Naomi Misora Die Without A Trace

The devastating loss of her fiancé, Raye Penber, plunged Naomi Misora into a profound abyss of grief and suspicion, with her instincts pointing firmly toward Kira as the culprit. Driven by her unwavering determination and an unwavering sense of justice, Naomi embarked on a valiant mission to unmask Kira’s true identity. Her relentless pursuit brought her dangerously close to the truth, particularly on New Year’s Day, when fate led her to cross paths with Light Yagami.

In a fateful encounter with Light yagami, Naomi sought to explain her pursuit and suspicions. However, Light, harboring his dark secret, exploited the opportunity ruthlessly. He acquired Naomi’s name and meticulously crafted a cruel fate for her, compelling her to end her own life in a manner designed to leave no trace of her remains. This calculated act of manipulation extended far beyond extinguishing the life of an innocent woman who had every right to seek justice for her beloved Raye.

It inflicted an additional layer of anguish upon Naomi’s grieving parents, as they were deprived of the solace that comes from being able to lay their daughter to rest. The callousness of Light’s actions in this tragic episode underscores the depths of his moral depravity and the lengths to which he was willing to go to protect his sinister secrets.


In Death Note, Light Yagami’s transformation from a seemingly righteous individual to a malevolent and power-hungry murderer is a gripping narrative arc that has captivated audiences for years. His ten most heinous deeds, as meticulously ranked in this article, reveal the abyss to which his character plunges over the course of the series.

While some may argue that Light’s actions stem from a misguided sense of justice, the moral boundaries he crosses, the lives he extinguishes, and the manipulations he orchestrates paint a chilling portrait of a character ensnared by the corrupting allure of absolute power. Light Yagami’s tale stands as a stark warning about the perils of unchecked ambition and the corrosive effects of power, cementing Death Note’s status as an enduring and thought-provoking series that continues to resonate with audiences worldwide.

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