8 Best Boxing Anime of All Time, Ranked

It’s not surprising that boxing, a sport that has won over many hearts, has found its way into the anime genre. Best Boxing anime is listed here which has grown in popularity among fans thanks to its gripping action, sensitive narratives, and endearing characters. The top 8 boxing anime series ever are listed here if you enjoy boxing anime.

8 Best Boxing Anime are as follows:-

1. Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting!

Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting!

“Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting!” centers on Makunouchi Ippo, a shy high school student who experiences bullying from fellow students. After being accidentally introduced to boxing, he joins the Kamogawa Boxing Gym after realizing he has a gift for the sport. Ippo works hard to fulfill his dream of being a professional boxer, guided by Coach Kamogawa. Intense training montages, unforgettable matches, and genuine gym member camaraderie are all expertly woven throughout the series.

In this intense and motivational sports anime, Ippo battles strong opponents develops as a boxer, and overcomes obstacles in his personal life while illustrating themes of friendship, determination, and chasing aspirations in the cutthroat boxing world. This could be your one of the Best Boxing Anime due to its appealing story.

2. Megalo Box

Megalo Box

The dark, future environment of “Megalo Box” features Junk Dog competing in underground boxing contests. Unhappy with his poor opportunities he longs for real competition in Megalonia, the elite boxing championship for improved fighters. Junk Dog, now known as Joe, is sending restricted equipment into Megalonia in an attempt to show himself against the best. Alongside his coach Nanbu, Joe must overcome obstacles, fight inner demons, and strive for acceptance in a class-divided society. The series could be one of the Best Boxing Anime as it creates a raw and exciting narrative that delves into the essence of boxing and personal salvation through the combination of adrenaline-fueled contests, societal critique, and Joe’s quest for identity.

3. Ashita no Joe

Ashita no Joe

“Ashita no Joe” centers on Joe Yabuki, a troubled former criminal who, while confined, finds his boxing skill. He steps into the ring under Danpei Tange’s supervision, transforming from a troubled young man into a symbol of hope. Joe’s journey is characterized by intense fights, rivalries, and personal development, which all come together to make him a boxing legend. His perseverance, selflessness, and solid spirit are conveyed through a moving story that tackles themes of friendship, redemption, and achieving greatness in the face of hardship. This solidifies “Ashita no Joe” as a timeless masterpiece recognized for its rich emotional content and influence on the sports anime subgenre.

4. Ring ni Kakero

Ring ni Kakero

The main character of “Ring ni Kakero” is Ryuji Takane, a driven young boxer who wants to carry on his father’s tradition. Under Coach Ishimatsu’s guidance, Ryuji trains nonstop with his buddies and fellow boxers. The show chronicles their road toward boxing glory through demanding training, difficult battles, and passionate rivalries. The story highlights friendship, perseverance, and the unwavering spirit of a boxer as Ryuji overcomes obstacles in his personal life and tough opponents, thus giving tough fight to list for Best Boxing Anime, Also “Ring ni Kakero” captures the ups and downs of the boxing world through thrilling fights and character-driven drama, highlighting the ties formed in the chase of win.

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5. Joe vs. Joe

Joe vs. Joe

“Joe vs. Joe” centers on the rivalry between Joe Yabuki and Tooru Rikiishi, the brother of his late comrade. Following their tragic planning, Joe battles remorse while Rikiishi strives for boxing stardom. Their paths cross again years later, awakening their rivalry. Bringing back old tensions, Joe, now a trainer, assists a young fighter in taking on Rikiishi’s apprentice. The novel weaves together themes of human development, atonement, and the nuances of their common past. High emotions are experienced as they work to heal old hurts and respect their history. It all culminates in a moving ring reunion that captures the spirit of their legendary competition and solidarity.

6. Tomorrow’s Joe 2

Tomorrow's Joe 2

“Tomorrow’s Joe 2” carries on Joe Yabuki’s story, following him through the fallout after his legendary boxing battle. After retiring, Joe continues to struggle with self-reflection while mentoring aspiring boxers. In the meantime, Carlos, the brother of Rikiishi, shows promise as a fighter and makes connections to Joe’s history. Joe’s influence continues to grow as Carlos rises in the boxing scene, influencing aspiring fighters.

Boxing’s transformational power, the cyclical nature of the rivalry, and the eternal spirit of tomorrow’s champions are all explored in this heartbreaking narrative that dives into Joe’s legacy, the impact of mentorship, and the echoes of his tragic journey. If considering the rivalry nature of the series it is one of the best boxing anime with respect to ratings.

7. Nozomi Witches

Nozomi Witches

The main character of “Nozomi Witches” is Nozomi Kaminashi, who is driven to compete in the unusual sport of Keijo—a unique tournament in which women battle atop floating platforms, utilizing only their bottoms and breasts to overcome opponents—to support her family. At Setouchi Keijo Training School, Nozomi navigates tough competition and demanding training with her remarkable abilities and persistent determination. Along the way, she makes friends with teammates, but they also have internal problems and compete with other schools. Combining humor, action, and athletics, the series follows Nozomi as she pursues her goals in Keijo and learns about herself, other people, and the real meaning of competition in the middle of unusual athleticism.

8. Levius


“Levius” centers on Levius, a small child who grows up in a war-torn planet where people frequently have mechanical improvements made to them as a result of a terrible battle. In search of meaning and direction, Levius delves into the harsh world of metal boxing, a combat sport where competitors employ cybernetic upgrades. Under the guidance of his instructor Zack, Levius grapples with personal trauma and loss as he makes his way through the professional metal boxing world, where he faces formidable opponents.

The series explores issues of identity, resilience, and the search of inner strength in a society dominated by both technology and human emotions. It does this by deftly fusing sci-fi elements, emotional depth, and dramatic sports action.


These anime boxing shows all have different approaches, including dramatic fight scenes, character growth, and themes of persistence and desire. Individual tastes may influence the ranking, however, these shows are notable for their influence on the genre and narrative.

Whether you’re a fan of intense action or emotional storylines, these 8 boxing anime are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Have you watched any of these anime? Let us know in the comments.

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