Hunter x Hunter Nen x Impact Game Gets First Trailer.

Hunter x Hunter Nen x Impact Game

The trailer for Hunter x Hunter Nen X Impact Game just dropped. Nen X Impact, a new fighting game based on the Hunter x Hunter manga series, was revealed with a brief teaser trailer that featured some of the characters getting ready to fight. There is no indication of when it will appear, and we … Read more

What will be the 1st Free Mystery game from Epic Games 2023

mystery games from epic games

With its free weekly game giveaways, popular video game company Epic Games has been causing an uproar in the gaming community. However, specifically what will be the first Free Mystery game for 2023 ? We will go over every detail of this amazing offer and how you can benefit from it in this article. It … Read more

GTA 6 : Highlights from the Trailer That We Found Exciting


Fans are already thrilled with anticipation and speculation after the much awaited release of the GTA 6 trailer. With the GTA 6 trailer, Rockstar Games continues to live up to its reputation of producing intricate and engaging open-world games. The 20 things we saw in the trailer will be broken down and their potential game … Read more

Top 10 Best Action Games Like John Wick

games like John Wick

Today we have arrived with the list of top 10 action games like John Wick to feel like Baba Yaga! This list is not for normal people, this is especially for those who have a sheer will, commitment, and strong focus just like our BABA YAGA. So, if you are a fan of action and … Read more

Vendetta Online, New Fetcher Take Advantage Of This Now

Vendetta Online Developed by Guild Software and available for Android, Linux, Mac OS X, iOS, and Microsoft Windows, Vendetta Online is a twitch-based, science fiction massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). It features first-person/third-person shooter-style player vs player and player versus environment combat using the NAOS game engine, a completely real-time flight model and combat … Read more

Urban Rivals, New Fetcher Take Advantage Of This Now

The online trading card game Urban Rivals features hundreds of players at once. More than two thousand playable characters of varied rarity and skills can be found in the game and leveled up by engaging in live battles against gamers from around the world. It also features a bustling marketplace where users can buy and … Read more

The Original App Has Been Retired In Iavor Of Pokémon Trading Card Game Live, New Fetcher Take Advantage Of This Now

The official Pokemon TCG Online app will no longer be available in app stores, as confirmed by The Pokemon Company. Players can look forward to the global release of the game’s replacement in the near future, even if Pokemon TCG Online will soon no longer be available. Pokemon TCG Online is a browser-based video game … Read more

Yu-Gi-Oh! duel Links, New Fetcher Take Advantage Of This Now

Yu-Gi-Oh! duel Links Developed by Konami for the iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows platforms, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links is a free-to-play digital collectible card game based on the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. After a beta testing period, the game was launched on November 17, 2016, in Japan, and on January 11, 2017, in the rest of … Read more

Distinctly Dangerous Elites ,Don’t miss out For 10X Enjoyment

A Distinctly Dangerous Elites connected galaxy, a dynamic narrative, and the totality of the Milky Way re-created at its full galactic proportions make Elite Dangerous the quintessential massively multiplayer space epic. Players begin the game with nothing more than a modest spaceship and a few of credits, but they will do anything to rise through … Read more