15+ Best Manhwa That Has Anime Adaptation

Before we start talking about 15+ Best Manhwa That Has Anime Adaptation, first let’s know what is Manhwa. It is the captivating world of Korean webcomics, has gained international acclaim for its diverse range of stories, intricate characters, and stunning artwork. It’s no wonder that many of these beloved manhwa series have made their way onto the small screen with anime adaptations. In this blog, we’ll delve into the exciting realm of manhwa and anime as we explore list of Amazing Manhwa That Has Anime Adaptation.

From epic adventures and heartwarming romances to thrilling mysteries and supernatural tales, get ready to discover some of the most captivating stories that have captivated audiences in both manga and anime form. Whether you’re a longtime fan or new to this world, you’re bound to find something to grab your interest among these exceptional manhwa adaptations.

16 Manhwa That Has Anime Adaptation

Manhwa gets anime adaptations because they offer popular source material, diverse content, cost-efficiency for studios, international appeal, market potential, cross-promotion opportunities, collaboration possibilities, cultural exchange, alignment with trends, and the desire to diversify the anime industry’s offerings. So, let’s our list of 15+ Manhwa That Has Anime Adaptation.

1. The God of High School

manhwa that has anime adaptation

First in the list of 15+ Manhwa That Has Anime Adaptation is “The God of High School” follows Jin Mori, a high school martial artist, as he competes in the brutal “God of High School” tournament. With friends Daewi and Mira, he faces fierce opponents who possess supernatural abilities. As the tournament progresses, they uncover a conspiracy and mystical forces at play, blurring the line between martial arts and magic.

The series explores themes of strength, friendship, and personal growth while featuring intense battles and uncovering a larger conflict in the martial arts world. Known for its action-packed storytelling, it’s a thrilling manhwa with an anime adaptation.

2. Tower God

manhwa that has anime adaptation

One of the best Manhwa That Has Anime Adaptation. “Tower of God” is a South Korean manhwa, following Bam, who has lived his life beneath a mysterious tower with only Rachel as his companion. When Rachel leaves to climb the Tower, Bam follows to find her. The Tower’s countless floors hold challenges and power. As Bam ascends, he encounters allies, adversaries, and uncovers the Tower’s dark history.

His quest for Rachel becomes intertwined with Tower mysteries, leading to epic battles, character development, and revelations. The manhwa explores friendship, ambition, and power, known for complex world-building and intricate plot twists. It’s also an anime, adding to its popularity.

3. Blade of the Phantom Master

manwha that has anime adaptation

“Blade of the Phantom Master” is about Munsu, a skilled fighter, and his mysterious friend Sando. They travel in a post-war world, facing corrupt leaders and supernatural enemies. Munsu has a powerful sword, helping him fight tough foes. The story involves action, fantasy, and politics, exploring themes like revenge and the effects of having great power.

It’s an exciting and engaging series with complex characters and an intriguing plot. Which makes it an interesting Manhwa That Has Anime Adaptation.

4. Hardcore Leveling Warrior

manwha that has anime adaptation

“Hardcore Leveling Warrior” follows Ethan, known as Hardcore Leveling Warrior (HLW) in the virtual reality game Lucid Adventure. Once a top player, he falls from grace and starts anew to regain his lost power. Ethan forms unexpected alliances, faces formidable enemies, and uncovers the game’s secrets.

It is that Manhwa which blends action, humor, and fantasy while exploring themes of redemption and friendship. And this give it 4th spot in the list of manhwa that has anime adaptation. With dynamic artwork and a rich gaming world, “Hardcore Leveling Warrior” is a beloved series among webcomic enthusiasts and gamers alike.

5. The Beginning After The End

The Beginning After The End

The top 5 Manhwa that has anime adaptation in our list is “The Beginning After The End” is a fantasy manhwa that follows King Grey, who is reincarnated into a new world as Arthur Leywin after being assassinated. Arthur retains his memories and magical abilities from his previous life and embarks on a journey of growth. He attends a magical academy, forms new friendships, and faces various challenges.

As Arthur’s powers grow, he seeks to uncover the mysteries of his past life and the true purpose of his reincarnation. The manhwa explores themes of magic, adventure, and reincarnation.


6. Let’s Fight Ghost (Drama)

“Let’s Fight Ghost” is a supernatural action-comedy manhwa created by Im InSeu. It follows Taeyi, a college student who can see ghosts, and Sangho, a ghost who’s enlisted Taeyi’s help to gain enough good deeds to move on to the afterlife. Together, they fight malevolent spirits and uncover secrets about Taeyi’s abilities, all while forming a unique partnership.

With humor, adventure, and heartwarming moments, the manhwa that has anime adaptation which explores themes of friendship, life, and death in a world where the living and the dead intersect.

7. When I Woke Up I Became A Girl (Bagel Girl)

anime adaption

Meet Bong Gi, a guy with big dreams but a pretty uneventful life. He’s lazy, not in great shape, doesn’t have a job, and spends a lot of his time playing video games to escape reality. He’s also pretty lonely and wishes he had a girlfriend.

One day, after a long gaming session, he wakes up and realizes something unbelievable: he’s transformed into the same woman he saw in pictures online. It’s a total shock, and he has no idea how to handle it. So, he turns to the internet for answers and ends up chatting with a girl named Sae Mi, who gives him advice.

But things take a wild turn when Bong Gi decides to get back at his school bully, Sang Woo, who, to his surprise, happens to be Sae Mi’s older brother. It’s a crazy situation, and Bong Gi’s life is about to get a whole lot more complicated. In short, it is a fun Manhwa That Has Anime Adaptation.

8. Dr. Stone Reboot: Byakuya

dr stone manhwa that has anime adaptation

It is a reboot of the famous “Dr. Stone” manhwa series. It focuses on Senku’s adoptive father, Byakuya. It shows how Byakuya and his team in space survived when everyone on Earth turned into stone. They worked hard to protect important knowledge and later tried to return to Earth. It is one of the famous Manhwa That Has Anime Adaptation.

It’s an exciting adventure that shows how people can stay strong and smart even in tough situations, like being in space during a global crisis.

9. Timing

the timing anime

“Timing” is a heartwarming South Korean manhwa that tells the story of two childhood friends, Moonhee and Hajin. Moonhee has a special ability to see the remaining time people have left in their lives as timers above their heads. She hides her ability until she shares it with Hajin, and they become closer.

The manhwa explores their deepening friendship, emotional struggles, and the impact of knowing how much time people have. It’s a touching and beautifully illustrated story about friendship, love, and the unique challenges they face due to Moonhee’s special ability.

10. Ragnarok

ragnarok - manhwa that has anime adaption

The manhwa that has anime adaptation in the top 10 list is “Ragnarok” is a story based on a popular online game. It’s set in a magical world with adventurers and monsters. The main character is Chaos, a brave swordsman, and he has friends who join him on adventures. They go on quests, fight monsters, and discover secrets about their world’s history. Along the way, they meet other people who help or challenge them.

The story is about their adventures and how they try to save their world from a big problem. It’s a mix of action, fantasy, and adventure in a colorful and exciting world.


11. The Breaker

the breaker pylori

It is a thrilling martial arts manhwa (Korean comic) created by Geuk-Jin Jeon and illustrated by Jin-Hwan Park. It follows the story of Shioon Lee, a weak and timid high school student who becomes the disciple of Chun-Woo Han, a powerful martial artist. Under Chun-Woo’s guidance, Shioon undergoes a dramatic transformation, gaining formidable combat skills.

The manhwa explores themes of power, loyalty, and the consequences of martial arts mastery. It’s known for its intense fight sequences, character development, and the complex relationships between the characters.

12. I Am The Sorcerer King

I Am The Sorcerer King

is a story about a guy named Sungbin who wakes up with memories of being a powerful sorcerer in a different life. In this new world filled with monsters and magic, he wants to regain his magical abilities to protect people. He battles strong enemies and uncovers dark secrets along the way.

The story is about his journey to become the most powerful sorcerer and save the world. It’s filled with exciting magic battles and explores themes like destiny and the responsibility that comes with having incredible powers.

13. Lookism


“Lookism” is a story about a guy named Daniel who faces bullying because of his looks. But he discovers he can switch between two bodies, one good-looking and one not so much. He uses this power to deal with school and life challenges.

The story talks about how society judges people based on looks and how it’s important to be yourself. It’s a mix of humor, drama, and a message about inner qualities being more important than how someone looks.

14. Noblesse

noblesse the pylori

“Noblesse” is about Rai, a noble vampire who wakes up after a long sleep and goes to high school. He makes friends with his loyal servant Frankenstein and together, they fight against a secret organization and other supernatural threats.

The story is about their friendship, loyalty, and how vampires and humans interact in the modern world. It’s an action-packed manhwa that has anime adaptation with interesting characters and a mix of vampire lore and high school life.

15. Kurokami (The Black God)

Kokami - the pylori

The manhwa that has anime adaptation at 15th spot is “Kurokami,” also known as “The Black God,” is a story about people who share a life force with someone in another world. When one of them dies, the other becomes stronger. The main character, Ibuki Keita, meets a girl named Kuro who is one of these special people. They team up to fight others like them who want power.

It’s an action-packed series with interesting characters and a unique concept of connected lives.


16. Freezing

manhwa that has anime adaption

“Freezing” is a story where girls with special powers and boys work together to fight aliens called the Nova. The main characters are Kazuya, a boy, and Satellizer, a girl with incredible abilities. They become partners and face battles, make friends, and discover secrets about their world’s war against the Nova.

It’s a mix of sci-fi, action, and romance in a dramatic and action-packed story. And, this was our last card in the list of 15+ Manhwa That Has Anime Adaptation.

Where To Watch And Read These Manhwa That Has Anime Adaptation

You can visit these famous sites in order to read these Manhwa

  1. Crunchyroll
  2. Webtoon
  3. KissAnime (To Watch Series)


In conclusion, today we talked about 16 manhwa that has anime adaptation. The world of Manhwa offers a diverse range of captivating stories, complex characters, and stunning artwork that has garnered international acclaim. Many of these beloved Manhwa series have been adapted into anime, further expanding their reach and popularity. In this article, we dive into the captivating world of Manhwa and discover the magic of these 15+ Manhwa That Has Anime Adaptation.

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