Most Evil Things of Mahito in Jujutsu Kaisen, Ranked.

The primary antagonist of the well-liked anime series Jujutsu Kaisen, Mahito, is renowned for being violent and merciless. He is a cursed spirit who enjoys inflicting torture on people and jujutsu practitioners alike. We will list the Most Evil Things of Mahito in Jujutsu Kaisen committed, in this article.

Who Mahito in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Mahito is a cursed spirit that originated from people’s unpleasant feelings. He is referred to as the “Cursed Spirit of Misfortune” and is one of the series’ primary antagonists. Mahito has a strange look, with a humanoid body coated in amorphous black forms. His twisted look, along with his big mouth, pointed teeth, and small eyes, give him a scary look.

Mahito’s Abilities and Techniques

Mahito’s primary power is her capacity to control living things’ souls. He has the ability to alter the form and shape of a soul, which alters a person’s outward look. “Idle Transfiguration” is the name of Mahito’s power, which enables him to change a person’s body in a variety of ways. He has the ability to elongate and stretch limbs, as well as construct new bodily parts out of a person’s spirit.

Most Evil Things of Mahito in Jujutsu Kaisen

The other power Mahito possesses is known as “Domain Expansion,” which enables him to construct a pocket realm in which he has total control over the area and everything within. Mahito can transform everything that enters this area by using his Idle Transfiguration ability.

Most Evil Things of Mahito in Jujutsu Kaisen, are as follows: –

7. The Cursed Womb: Death Painting

The Cursed Womb: Death Painting by Mahito is considered a dark art of evil i.e. Most Evil Things of Mahito in Jujutsu Kaisen. Born out of Mahito’s evil aspirations, this cursed monster cause disaster with an endless hunger for violence. Mahito’s reputation as a prophet of chaos is further cemented by the raw brutality this sculpture embodies.

6. Shibuya Incident

The terrifying Shibuya Incident is evidence of Mahito’s lust for disturbances i.e. Most Evil Things of Mahito in Jujutsu Kaisen. The deliberate planning of this horrific incident shakes the Jujutsu Kaisen universe and exposes Mahito’s capacity to control large-scale occurrences.

5. Manipulating Yuji Itadori

When Yuji Itadori first met Mahito, he tricked him into killing his own classmates. He took advantage of Yuji’s desire to protect his buddies and made Yuji inadvertently perform a horrible deed. Yuji’s companions suffered physical pain as a result of this manipulation, but Yuji also suffered long-term psychological effects.

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4. Killing Junpei Yoshino

The murder of Junpei Yoshino, a high school student who had become friends with Yuji, was Mahito’s next horrific deed. Mahito tricked Junpei into thinking that his classmates were making fun of him, which made Junpei hate others. Finally, Mahito assassinated Junpei in front of Yuji, which caused him even more grief and made him want to get revenge.

3. Creating Sukuna’s Domain Expansion

Mahito’s skill at soul manipulation enabled him to develop Sukuna’s Domain Expansion, a potent move that imprisons his adversaries in a terrifying realm. His victims suffer much as ugly and distorted replicas of themselves proliferate across this universe. This is one of Mahito’s most heinous deeds because he enjoys using it and has no regrets for his victims.

2. Torturing Nanami

The jujutsu sorcerer Kento Nanami was kidnapped and subjected to torture by Mahito and his allies during the Kyoto Goodwill Event arc. They caused him great suffering, both psychologically and physically, with their cursed methods. In this scene, Mahito’s sadistic tendencies are clearly seen as he enjoys Nanami’s terrible pain and even makes fun of him for his beliefs.

1. Killing Yoshinobu Gakuganji

The killing of Kyoto Jujutsu High principal Yoshinobu Gakuganji is the most evil deed Mahito has committed in Jujutsu Kaisen. In addition to killing him, Mahito disfigured his body by transforming it into a spirit cursed. In addition to causing great suffering to Gakuganji’s loved ones, Mahito’s act demonstrated his total contempt for human life.


Jujutsu Kaisen contains many of Mahito’s inhumane acts, and the entire series features more of his horrible deeds. Being the primary antagonist, he constantly threatens our heroes, and his deeds have a long-lasting effect on the story’s plot. Have you noticed any additional evil acts committed by Mahito? Tell us in the comments below.

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