Here's Your List of 5 Best Anime To Watch On Christmas Evening.

“Tokyo Godfathers” tells the tale of three poor individuals who discover a left newborn on Christmas Evening 

“Love Hina Christmas Special” is full of sweet moments and humorous mishaps. It’s a carefree and enjoyable way to spend Evening. 

“Howl’s Moving Castle” is an anime fantasy film set in a fantastical setting with talking fireplaces, wizards, and witches. An ideal movie to watch on Christmas evening.

“K-On!” is quite famous and tells the story of a band of high school girls. The girls choose to host a Christmas party at their school’s music club. 

The heartbreaking anime “A Silent Voice” tells the tale of a young child named Shoya who teases Shoko, a deaf student, in school . Anyone searching for sad should not miss this.