8 Best Boxing Anime of All Time.


Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting!

Follows Makunouchi Ippo's journey from a timid high schooler to a formidable boxer, blending intense training and heartfelt character development.

Megalo Box

Featuring Junk Dog's quest to compete in the Megalonia tournament, blending action with societal themes. 

Ashita no Joe

A classic, depicting Joe Yabuki's rise from delinquent to a symbol of hope in the boxing world, renowned for its emotional depth.

Ring ni Kakero

Follows Ryuji Takane's pursuit of boxing greatness, facing challenges and rivals in a shonen-style series

Joe vs. Joe

“Joe vs. Joe” centers on the rivalry between Joe Yabuki and Tooru Rikiishi, the brother of his late comrade. 

Tomorrow’s Joe 2

The continuation of "Ashita no Joe," further exploring Joe Yabuki's legacy and influence. 

Nozomi Witche

Nozomi Kaminashi enters the unique sport of Keijo, where women battle, aiming to support her family and excel competitive sport. 


Levius rises through metal boxing, grappling with personal turmoil and loss while navigating the cybernetic-enhanced combat sport.