Where Does The 100 Girlfriends Who Really Love You End In The Manga?


The first season finishes with Rentarou, the main character, thinking back on his friendships with his 100 girlfriends and their future together.

Rentarou manages the challenges of having 100 girlfriends throughout the season, each with their own distinct personalities, skills, and affections for him. 

The episode has a number of touching and humorous scenes as Rentarou attempts to balance managing his relationships with acknowledging and honoring the feelings of each partner. 

Watchers experience touching moments, tragic discoveries, and the slow emergence of closer bonds between Rentarou and the varied group of individuals. 

Rentarou’s love dilemma isn’t definitively resolved by the end of the season, it does highlight how important it is to comprehend, have compassion for, and value the relationships he has with his girlfriends. 

Viewers can speculate on the course of Rentarou’s love life and the development of his relationships with the 100 girlfriends .

The final episode provides room for additional investigation of his journey and the dynamics of his relationships in possible future seasons. 

As the Season 2 is announced. His love story may take a turn to engange the audiences .