The 10 Best Horror Anime: Warning! You may Wet Your Pants!

This list of the 10 best horror anime is for you if you are bored of watching funny, action, and romance anime and looking for something different!! Something dark that holds the capability to scare you to go to the bathroom by yourself at midnight. Anime has the ability to motivate you, make you emotional, and make you happy and sad, but anime also has the ability to scare you. Today we will talk about the horror anime that can make it difficult for you to leave your bed at midnight.

List Of 10 Best Horror Anime

1. Devilman Crybaby

best horror anime

“Devilman Crybaby” is an intense horror anime that tells the story of Akira Fudo, a kind-hearted teenager who becomes possessed by a demon but retains his human conscience. As he grapples with his newfound demonic powers and the moral complexities of his existence, he is thrust into a brutal conflict between demons and humans.

It is regarded as one of the best horror anime (available on Netflix) due to its uncompromising approach to graphic content, thought-provoking exploration of moral dilemmas, striking visuals, and ability to challenge and disturb its audience. It’s a powerful and unforgettable horror experience that pushes boundaries and leaves viewers haunted by its themes and imagery.

2. Theatre of Darkness

best horror anime

It is a unique horror anime series known for its distinctive storytelling style. Each episode presents a short, standalone horror tale, reminiscent of traditional Japanese ghost stories, or “Kaidan.” The narratives are often eerie and unsettling, with a focus on building suspense and delivering spine-chilling twists.

In summary, “Theatre of Darkness: Yamishibai” is celebrated as one of the best horror anime due to its unique storytelling format, ability to evoke traditional Japanese horror, and its knack for delivering quick yet impactful scares. It’s a must-watch for fans of concise and chilling horror stories.

3. Corpse Party

best horror anime - Corpse Party

This is a horror anime “Corpse Party: Tortured Souls” adaptation of the popular survival horror game “Corpse Party.” The story centers around a group of high school students who perform a ritual to remain friends forever but accidentally find themselves transported to the cursed Heavenly Host Elementary School. Trapped in a nightmarish realm filled with vengeful spirits, they must unravel the dark secrets of the school and find a way to escape.

It is considered one of the best horror anime because of its skillful use of horror elements, its focus on survival, and its ability to immerse viewers in a nightmarish world filled with grisly deaths and unsettling mysteries. It’s a series that delivers genuine scares and keeps viewers hooked with its dark and horrifying narrative.

4. Shiki

best horror anime

“Shiki” is the best horror anime that takes place in a seemingly peaceful and isolated village called Sotoba. The story unfolds as the villagers start dying mysteriously, and the doctor, Toshio Ozaki, begins to suspect that supernatural forces, namely vampires, are at play. As tensions rise between the living and the undead, a horrific battle ensues.

It’s a thought-provoking and chilling series that keeps viewers on edge and leaves a lasting impact.

5. Hellsing

hellsing best horror anime

“Hellsing Ultimate” is a horror anime that follows the Hellsing Organization, led by Sir Integra Hellsing, as they battle supernatural threats, including vampires and ghouls. Their most powerful weapon is Alucard, a centuries-old vampire who serves Hellsing. Together, they confront a variety of monstrous adversaries while defending England from supernatural threats.

In summary, “Hellsing Ultimate” is regarded as one of the best horror anime due to its intense action, exploration of classic horror themes, gothic aesthetic, complex characters, and ability to create a dark and gripping narrative. It’s a thrilling and macabre series that keeps viewers engaged with its supernatural battles and moral dilemmas.

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6. Junji Ito Collection

best horror anime

“Junji Ito Collection” is a horror anime adaptation of the works of Junji Ito, a renowned master of horror manga (On Crunchyroll). The series consists of various standalone stories, each delving into different aspects of horror, from supernatural phenomena to psychological terror.

It is celebrated as one of the best horror anime due to its faithful adaptation of Junji Ito’s chilling manga, its diverse range of horror themes, the effective translation of Ito’s art style, and its ability to create an unsettling and eerie atmosphere. It’s a must-watch for fans of horror and those looking to experience the unsettling and macabre world of Junji Ito’s imagination.

7. Another

another best anime horror

“Another” is a gripping horror anime that centers around a curse that plagues a classroom. When a transfer student, Koichi Sakakibara, arrives, he quickly realizes that something is amiss as his classmates treat a particular student, Mei Misaki, as if she doesn’t exist. As Koichi delves deeper into the mystery, he discovers a dark secret tied to a horrific event from the past. 

This stands out as the best horror anime due to its masterful blend of suspense, mystery, and psychological horror, all wrapped up in a captivating narrative that keeps viewers stuck from start to finish.

8. Tokyo Ghoul

tokyo ghoul

“Tokyo Ghoul” is a gripping horror anime that delves into the life of Kaneki, a young man who undergoes a drastic transformation after a chance encounter with a flesh-eating ghoul. As he grapples with his newfound identity as a half-human, half-ghoul hybrid, Kaneki is thrust into a dark and dangerous world where he must navigate the complexities of ghoul society while struggling to maintain his humanity.

It is one of the most famous and is considered the best horror anime for its compelling characters, dark and gory themes, thought-provoking exploration of identity, and ability to evoke genuine fear and unease in its viewers. It’s a gripping and emotionally charged horror series that stands out in the genre.

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9. The Promised Neverland

the promised neverland - best horror anime

“The Promised Neverland” is a gripping horror anime set in an orphanage called Grace Field House, where children live happily under the care of their caretaker, “Mom.” However, the story takes a dark turn when a group of orphans discovers a horrifying truth: they are being raised as livestock for monstrous creatures. 

It is widely regarded as the best horror anime due to its gripping premise, relentless tension, well-developed characters, and its ability to evoke fear, suspense, and genuine emotional investment from its audience. It’s a must-watch for horror enthusiasts and anime fans alike.

10. When They Cry

when they cry - the pylori

“When They Cry,” also known as “Higurashi no Naku Koro ni,” is a psychological horror anime that revolves around a group of friends in the rural village of Hinamizawa. The story begins innocently but takes a sinister turn as it becomes apparent that the village harbors dark secrets, and the characters are caught in a cycle of gruesome murders and paranoia.

It is widely regarded as one of the best horror anime due to its intricate mystery, psychological horror elements, unique storytelling, and its ability to create an atmosphere of paranoia and unease.


From supernatural mysteries to psychological thrillers, these best horror anime are bound to keep you on the edge of your bed and leave you wanting more and more goosebumps. So, turn off the lights, grab your popcorn, and enjoy the world of horror anime.


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