10 Best Sci-Fi Manga of All-Time

Best Sci-Fi Manga has grown in popularity during the past few years. Manga has won over readers all around the world with its distinctive storytelling and gorgeous artwork. The science fiction, or sci-fi, subgenre of manga is one of the most well-liked. Based on public opinion and popularity, we will examine the top ten sci-fi manga of all time in this article.

10 Best Sci-Fi Manga of All-Time are as follows:-

1. Akira

Akira Sci-Fi Manga

“Akira” reveals a post-apocalyptic world oppressed by psychic phenomena in a dystopian Neo-Tokyo. A biker named Tetsuo acquires psychokinetic abilities, which lead to disorder and government involvement. The friend of Kaneda gets involved in an intricate web of government experiments, corruption, and the enigmatic Akira. The narrative reveals Tetsuo’s spiral into crazy behavior, as well as political intrigue and societal collapse. When Akira’s strength is let loose, the city could be destroyed. With its striking artwork, memorable imagery, and philosophical depth, the story tackles human evolution, power struggles, and the implications of unbridled skills. This solidifies its place as a breakthrough and significant work in the Sci-Fi Manga genre.

2. Ghost in the Shell

Ghost in the Shell

The cybernetic future of “Ghost in the Shell” is explored, with Major Motoko Kusanagi heading a top-tier anti-cybercrime squad. As Kusanagi follows the elusive Puppet Master—a sentient hacker—she begins to doubt that she is a robot. The story explores the nature of humanity, awareness, and technological advancement in a cyber-enhanced civilization. As the search progresses, moral conundrums arise that make it harder to distinguish between humans and machines. The novel explores a future where cybernetic augmentation, the union of mind and machines, and the essence of blending together through philosophical conversation and intense action, creating a captivating examination of the human condition in a high-tech age.

3. Battle Angel Alita

Battle Angel Alita

“Battle Angel Alita” centers on Dr. Ido’s reconstruction of Alita, a lost cyborg, in a dystopian scrapyard. She learns she has forgotten her combat talents as she makes her way through the brutal, stratified city of Scrapyard. The quest for self-identity and Alita’s journey together reveal her enigmatic past and purpose. She searches for the truth while playing the lethal sport of motorball amid power battles and social corruption. Feelings, ethics, and existential questions lead her as she faces enemies and discovers her roots. The series chronicles Alita’s transformation from a lost cyborg to a symbol of hope and resolve in a harsh, computerized world through magnificent action, significant work in the Sci-Fi Manga genre and moving storytelling.

4. Planetes


“Planetes” focuses on the lives of those who gather space debris shortly, with a special focus on Ai Tanabe and Hachirota “Hachimaki” Hoshino. The series explores their personal adventures, aspirations, and the difficulties of their dangerous career, all set against a realistic backdrop of space travel. Amidst the perils of space debris, corporate politics, and their hopes for a better existence beyond Earth, the characters encounter themes of environmentalism, human connection, and existentialism. “Planetes” creates a gripping storyline that combines the majesty of space with the personal problems and aspirations of its protagonists through moving storytelling and character development.

5. Blame!


“Blame!” takes place in the massive, breaking megastructure known as the City, where Killy, a quiet hero with a formidable weapon, searches for human survivors and the Net Terminal Gene to bring about order. He fights alien life forms and protective systems while navigating twisting hallways and coming across dangerous things. He meets a variety of people in the midst of the desolation, including Cibo, a scientist trying to regain control of the City. The show explores themes of isolation, survival, and humanity’s struggle to survive in a barren and ever-expanding environment as it digs into the mysterious lore. “Blame!” creates a fascinating and scary dystopian scenario with its immersive imagery and enigmatic story.

6. Knights of Sidonia

Knights of Sidonia

“Knights of Sidonia” tells the story of humanity’s struggle to survive against mysterious alien Gauna threats while stranded on the great seed ship Sidonia. After being trapped, Nagate Tanikaze joins the Garde to defend Sidonia. Hidden details of the Gauna and Sidonia’s mysteries come to light as he makes his way through training, friendships, and fights. Inspired by his mentor’s legacy, Nagate leads the charge against Gauna attacks while undergoing personal development. The cost of space survival, human evolution, and bioengineering are all explored in the series. In a suspenseful, future space opera, “Knights of Sidonia” tells an engaging tale of humanity’s struggle for survival through complicated relationships, elaborate world-building, and tremendous action.

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7. Eden: It’s an Endless World!

Eden: It's an Endless World!

The post-apocalyptic universe of “Eden: It’s an Endless World!” has been destroyed by political unrest and a worldwide pandemic. Follow little Elijah, who was immune to the virus from birth, as he makes his way through an unpredictable, chaotic society. He learns the truth about his father, a former mercenary, and struggles with the aftermath of a broken world amid intrigues, conflict, and ethical issues. The show explores human resiliency, sociopolitical commentary, and the pursuit of hope in an uncertain world. Through sophisticated storytelling, complex topics, and exquisite artwork, “Eden” creates a thought-provoking novel that examines humanity’s perseverance and fragility in the face of destruction.

8. Astra Lost in Space

Astra Lost in Space

The show “Astra Lost in Space” centers on a group of high school students who wind themselves thousands of light-years from Earth. They must negotiate deadly planets, mysteries, and betrayals on their survival quest home. Under Kanata’s leadership, the team unearths disturbing facts regarding their origins and the artificial nature of their mission. They deal with personal anxieties and traumatic experiences as tensions grow and their friendships deepen. Uncovering the mystery of their interplanetary adventure, the series explores themes of identity, sacrifice, and the tenacity of the human spirit as it spins a tale of resiliency, trust, and brotherhood.

9. 20th Century Boys

20th Century Boys

“20th Century Boys” centers on Kenji and his friends who, as kids, developed the “Friend” symbol as a representation of their friendship. Years later, they find out that a cult is launching a global danger using their symbols. Now a regular guy, Kenji discovers a vision describing the Friend’s coming death of the planet. They reunite with long-lost pals, discover who the Friend is, and struggle to avert disaster. The story travels across time, revealing a plot entwined with early recollections, social manipulation, and the struggle against despotism. Naoki Urasawa tells a gripping, provocative tale of friendship, sacrifice, and the struggle against a covert enemy through deft storytelling.

10. Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

The events of “Neon Genesis Evangelion” take place in a post-apocalyptic planet under attack by mysterious creatures known as Angels. In order to counter these threats, Shinji Ikari reluctantly enlists in NERV and pilots a massive bio-mechanical Evangelion. He struggles with his turbulent relationships with coworkers, such as Asuka Langley Soryu and Rei Ayanami, while discovering dark secrets about his father’s company and the real purpose of the Angels. In between catastrophic battles and deep philosophical narratives, the series explores psychological complexities, existential themes, and the human condition. In the end, it poses questions about the nature of existence and personal struggles while examining the effects of trauma, loneliness, and the hazy boundaries between identity and destiny.


The genre of science fiction manga is a rich mix of creativity, inventiveness, and insightful narrative. These ten outstanding series are proof of the genre’s power to captivate readers and inspire wonder and reflection by taking them to fascinating futures.

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