Top 10 Best Action Games Like John Wick

Today we have arrived with the list of top 10 action games like John Wick to feel like Baba Yaga! This list is not for normal people, this is especially for those who have a sheer will, commitment, and strong focus just like our BABA YAGA. So, if you are a fan of action and mission then it’s time to wake up your inner hitman and lose the lion in these games like John Wick.

List Of 10 Best Games Like John Wick

From relentless shootouts to heart-pounding missions, these games are sure to satisfy your craving for action-packed gameplay. So, lock and load as we dive into the best John Wick-like action games.

1. John Wick Hex

games like John Wick

Let’s start with the real John Wick game. In the game “John Wick Hex,” we enter the carefully crafted world of John Wick, our BABA YAGA, known for his gritty and intense action scenes. But this game is different from regular action games because it adds a strategy aspect. We can say that it is one of the realest games like John Wick.

This means you have to think and plan each of your moves carefully as you go through different levels and face different enemies. It’s not just about shooting; it’s about making smart choices to win. Just like The Real John Wick does.

2. Max Payne 3

max payne

Second in the list of games like John Wick – Max Payne, our game’s main character, is a former NYPD detective with a dark and troubled past. In Max Payne 3, he has left New York City behind and finds himself working as private security in São Paulo, Brazil. However, trouble follows Max as he becomes embroiled in a web of corruption, violence, and betrayal.

The game’s story is presented through a series of well-crafted cutscenes and in-game storytelling, making it feel like an interactive crime thriller.

3. Hitman Series

games like John Wick

Third in the list of “best action games like John Wick” – The Hitman Series is a renowned and long-running series of stealth-action video games developed by IO Interactive. These games put players in the shoes of Agent 47, a genetically engineered contract assassin, and offer a unique and engaging gaming experience.

Instead of charging into action guns blazing, players must carefully plan and execute their hits, often by disguising themselves, using the environment to their advantage, and avoiding collateral damage.

4. Sleeping Dogs

games like John Wick

Sleeping Dogs is a game full of action adventure developed by United Front Games. Released in 2012, the game is set in a fictionalized version of Hong Kong and offers players a gripping narrative, intense combat, and an open-world environment to explore.

Players assume the role of Wei Shen, an undercover cop who infiltrates the Sun On Yee Triad organization to dismantle its criminal empire. Wei Shen’s dual life as a cop and a criminal adds depth to the narrative as he navigates a web of loyalty, betrayal, and moral ambiguity. The game explores themes of identity, loyalty, and the blurred lines between justice and vengeance.

5. Syndicate (2012)

syndicate game

The Top 5 in the list of games like John Wick – Syndicate (2012) is set in a dystopian future where powerful mega-corporations rule the world. Players are thrust into a world where corporations wage covert wars against each other, using agents with advanced neural implants to manipulate and control the minds of individuals.

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6. Payday 2

games like John Wick

The Payday Series is a popular cooperative first-person shooter video game series developed by Overkill Software and published by Starbreeze Studios. The series focuses on the thrilling and often chaotic experiences of players working together as a team of professional criminals, performing various heists, and navigating intense shootouts. 

You can even open up John Wick’s skin! HAHA!! And really this makes it one of the best action games like John Wick.

7. Stranglehold


Stranglehold offers fast-paced and over-the-top action gameplay. Players navigate through highly detailed environments, engaging in intense gunfights with waves of enemies.

The game introduces a unique mechanic called “Tequila Time,” which allows Tequila to slow down time temporarily, similar to the “bullet time” mechanic popularized by the Max Payne series. This feature enables players to perform incredible feats, such as dodging bullets, performing acrobatic maneuvers, and taking out multiple enemies with precision.

8. Dead 2 Rights

dead 2 rights

Dead to Rights is set in the crime-ridden and corrupt city of Grant City. Players take on the role of Jack Slate, a tough-as-nails police officer who is determined to bring justice to the city’s criminals.

The game’s story unfolds as Jack investigates the murder of his father, a fellow officer, and gets entangled in a web of conspiracies and organized crime. It is one of the best action games like John Wick but we are a police officer in this and we also have a dog with us just like John Wick has.

9. The Splinter Cell Series

the splinter cell series pylori

The Splinter Cell series is renowned for its focus on stealth, and tactical gameplay. Players assume the role of Sam Fisher, an expert in covert operations. The gameplay often requires players to navigate through levels in the shadows, avoiding enemy detection, and utilizing gadgets and techniques to accomplish mission objectives quietly and discreetly.

10. DOOM (Always should be in CAPITAL)

games like John Wick

LAST BUT NOT THE…. YOU KNOW… The last in the list of games like John Wick is – The DOOM series is characterized by its frenetic and intense first-person shooter gameplay. Players assume the role of a space marine (commonly referred to as the “DOOM Marine” or “Doom Slayer”) who battles hordes of demons and other supernatural forces from Hell.

The games prioritize speed, movement, and firepower, encouraging players to stay in constant motion, mow down enemies with a vast arsenal of weapons, and explore intricate level designs. He is dangerous and ruthless just like John Wick.


If you are a huge fan of BABA Yaga then here are the top 10 action games like John Wick that will make you feel like BABA YAGA. Enjoy these PC Games and our next article on GAMING will be more interesting. Till then, take care, and don’t forget to focus on real-life outdoor games.

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