Best manhwa apps

Everyday Manhwa’s popularity is growing at an impeccable rate, we do understand that not everyone has a laptop, but now a days everyone has a smartphone. During the course of this article we will see the Best Manhwa apps if you into Webtoons or Manhwa.

Best manhwa apps

Since it is the digital era, Most of the reading is done online and so Manhwa apps were created. Out of those there are 5 Best Manhwa apps, let’s dive right into it.


As the name suggests, Webnovel is one of the best Manhwa reading apps. With lots of features that can be customized according to the need of the viewer.

Not only that it is not limited to only Manhwa, it has access to a lot of novels as well, which makes it one of the Top Manhwa Apps. It is like a two-in-one app with access to Manhwas as well as Novels.

2. Delitoon

It is one of the most underrated Manhwa apps out there. Very few people know about it, but that does not mean that it cannot provide a good reading experience which is ultimately what people want.

The only problem with Delitoon is that after some time its content is protected by a paywall. Apart from that everything about Delitoon makes it one of the Top Manhwa apps


Comica is very famous as compared to Delitoon, because of its name which is derived from comics hence the popularity. This app is not completely dedicated to Manhwa, but there are other comics, anime, and novels also. So if you want to take a break from reading Manhwa, you can switch to its other features at anytime.

One of the major advantages of Comica is that you can download the Manhwa and read it offline at your own time which makes it one of the Top Manhwa apps.

4. ComicCat

ComicCat is a very vast app that consist of a very big library of stories that every Manhwa fan would like to have on their phone. And if you are a perfectionist and an organized person, this just might be the app for you because you can arrange your Manhwas according to your convenience.

While you have to pay for some chapters where the plot gets interesting, their is lots of free content to and you can claim daily rewards by login in daily.

5. TapRead

Tapread is also one of those apps which makes comics and novel available to the general public. There is a lot of variety and options of comics and Manhwas that you can choose from. The best feature about this app is it updates the latest chapters as soon as possible. TapRead allows Creators to show of their work in a very effective manner which is a great opportunity for upcoming Manhwa artists, making it one of the Top Manhwa apps.

So, if you were struggling with Top Manhwa apps to find and watch your favorite webtoon on, I hope this article helps and I hope you were able to find your answer through this article