Black Clover Movie: Sword of the Wizard King

This post is dedicated to all the Black Clover fans and their wait for the Black Clover movie. As we all know black clover has a huge fan base which has increased rapidly over a short period. But now it has been confirmed that black clover is back with a movie named Sword of the Wizard King. During this article, we will try to provide as much as insights as we can provide about the movie.

In a world where everyone can use magic, a boy was born magic less. But his name goes to become the wizard king, how could that happen if he doesn’t have any magic?

Despite being discouraged by the fact that he cannot use magic he starts working on his physical strength, and when he was 15 years old he received a 5 leafed spell book. This book had a demon inside it and this book used the spells of anti-magic.

The wizards in black clover are able to use different types of magics. Fire, Wind, Water, Light, Time, and Dark are some of the types of the magic they use. Greater level wizards are also able to use the combination of two or more types of magic. Until now the most power magic shown in the black clover movie is the light type magic which attacks with the speed of light.

Before we talk about the black clover movie let’s talk about its past a little bit. Asta, the wielder of Anti-magic joined the Black Bulls, the most ill-reputed clan in the kingdom.

Up till now Asta has done many wonders to prove himself to be worthy of the wizard king, he has gained a lot of name and fame. Now in the black clover movie, all eyes are on Asta and Yuno.

Since Yami, Asta’s Captain was taken away by the demon king. It is now the other Clans’ turn to big in their captains from what has been portrayed as hell. The whole Black Clover movie revolves around saving the comrades and saving the world from the biggest Black magic user, Lucifero.

The upcoming black clover movie is already grabbing a lot of attention because of its fan base and the Cliff hanger it left in the last season we are also excited as excited as you are, the black clover movie is said to release on 16th June 2023 world wide on Netflix