HIGH CARD Season 2: Release Date, Plot, Trailer, and More Updates!

Place your bets and lay your cards down. HIGH CARD Season 2 returns high-stakes action and matches that will leave you on the edge of your seat.

HIGH CARD is back with its second season. The highly anticipated sequel to the fantastic first season was announced via

post on 26th March 2023. After eight months we finally get a sneak peek into the next season. With an outlandish trailer picking off where we left off in the first season.

HIGH CARD’s story is one for the ages, aside from being a brilliant coming-of-age rags-to-riches story, it also plays the fight-for-you survival trope to the max. The show can be compared to the likes of Kakegurui in terms of its tone and subject matter but it also stands on its own with its ability to tell a compelling story.

Our story follows Finn, who was discovered in an orphanage that was about to be closed due to financial stress. Now actively, on the streets, he sets out into the casino to make a fortune, however nothing could prepare him for the ‘lucky’ card. Finn eventually learns about the games and the world order controlled by the set of 52 X-Playing cards with powers to bestow different superhuman powers and abilities. As he slowly possesses these cards he begins to understand the world of the Cards.

Finn then sets out on a dangerous mission to find all these cards in the hopes of living a better life. However, along his way, he must battle, several rival mafia families and gangs including the notorious Klondikes in a battle for justice, desire, and pure revenge.

The last we see of our characters in HIGH CARD Season 2, we see them in a sudden attack by the Klondike Family. With Leo and the other hands fully protecting Theodore and the royal family, Finn is caught by Owen because he interfered with the capturing of Chris as he drives away with Michel’s car. Soon a massive chase erupts with the entire city in turmoil.

HIGH CARD Season 2 Trailer and Release Date

The trailer for HIGH CARD Season 2 is definitely packed to the brim with what we can expect from the show in the coming episodes. The trailer continues to present the action-filled scenes in a neo-noir style that pays homage to a lot of great crime fighting and mafia anime. What stands out in the trailer is definitely its use of color grading with each character getting a distinct purple hue that accompanies them throughout the series.

As for plot lines, we are given a teaser for Finn’s past. We are shown the possible ways in which he ended up in the orphanage. We are also given a dark introduction to our new character aka The Black Knight. Fans can expect The Black Knight to play a crucial role in the development of the story as well as play an important role in Finn’s life. Another shocking teaser we get is the potential death of characters to continue the fight to secure the cards. Only time will tell, who bites the dust and who continues to make it out alive.

As of now, several sources have cited that the first episode of the second season is set to release on January 8, 2023.

HIGH CARD Season 2 Franchise updates

HIGH RISE Season 2

HIGH RISE is a multi-media project. With several other pieces of media in the works alongside the anime series. The project is the work of Homura Kawamoto and Hikura Muno, along with TMS Entertainment. TMS Entertainment is home to some of the greatest anime projects in the entire anime universe including Dr Stone, Fruit Baskets, and even the highly acclaimed, Akira.

With one season done, one volume of the HIGH CARD manga was released on July 1, 2023, with the next volume coinciding with the release of the next season of the manga. You can also look forward to the HIGH CARD drama CD and its subsequent additions.

What to watch if you like HIGH CARD Season 2

While you wait for HIGH CARD, there are several other great series you can watch in order to build up hype for the next season. The obvious pick is, of course, Kakegurui, with its similar depictions of class, gambling, addiction, power, and more. Fun fact, Kakeguri is also a work of Homura Kawamoto. If you want the mafia thrill of HIGH CARD without the thrill or something a little more wholesome, then you can’t go wrong with a little Spy X Family which is on its way to its second season (click here to know more).

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