10 Best Wuxia Manhua (WebToon) of All Time

The world of Wuxia manhua, or Chinese martial arts comics, has captivated readers with its rich blend of traditional martial arts, fantasy, and compelling storytelling. As the genre continues to flourish, it’s time to delve into the best Wuxia manhua of all time, each offering a unique and thrilling journey through the realms of martial arts and cultivation.

List of top 10 Wuxia manhua :

Here’s a definitive ranking of the top 10 Wuxia manhua that has left an indelible mark on enthusiasts worldwide.

1. The Breaker

Written by Jeon Geuk-jin and illustrated by Park Jin-hwan, “The Breaker” takes the top spot on our list. This manhua delivers a perfect combination of intense martial arts action and a gripping plot that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. The art style complements the narrative, creating an immersive experience that has earned “The Breaker” its place among Wuxia greats.

2. The Breaker: New Waves

Continuing the saga of “The Breaker,” this sequel further solidifies its position as one of the best Wuxia manhua. The storyline evolves with new characters and unexpected twists, ensuring that fans of the original series are treated to a worthy continuation of the epic tale.

3. Feng Shen Ji

Zheng Jian He’s “Feng Shen Ji” transports readers to a fantastical world where powerful deities and martial arts prowess collide. The intricate artwork and dynamic storytelling make this manhua a visual feast, offering a unique take on the Wuxia genre with divine battles and epic confrontations.

4. Martial Peak

Crafted by Momo, “Martial Peak” introduces readers to a young martial artist’s relentless pursuit of cultivation. The series seamlessly weaves together action and character development, creating a narrative that explores the challenges and triumphs of climbing the martial arts ladder.

5. Battle Through the Heavens

Adapted from the light novel, “Battle Through the Heavens” is a Wuxia manhua that follows the journey of a young alchemist in a world filled with martial arts and cultivation. The compelling narrative, combined with well-executed fight scenes, makes this series a standout in the genre.

6. God of Martial Arts

Yunduowudongman’s “God of Martial Arts” stands out for its riveting plot centered around betrayal and revenge. The protagonist’s journey to reclaim lost glory is accompanied by intense martial arts sequences, making this manhua a thrilling ride for fans of the genre.

7. Doupo Cangqiong” (Battle Through the Heavens)

With an engaging storyline adapted from the light novel, “Doupo Cangqiong” follows a young man’s quest to reclaim his lost abilities. The series captures the essence of Wuxia with its exploration of martial arts, cultivation, and the pursuit of strength.

8. Desolate Era

Based on I Eat Tomatoes’ novel, “Desolate Era” takes readers on a journey through a world of immortals and cultivation. The manhua skillfully blends elements of fantasy and martial arts, creating a narrative that explores the complexities of power and destiny.

9. Star Martial God Technique

Mad Snail’s “Star Martial God Technique” stands out for its mysterious protagonist and a world filled with danger and powerful enemies. The series explores themes of resilience and growth, all set against the backdrop of breathtaking martial arts battles.

10. Apotheosis

Ranzai Studio’s “Apotheosis” rounds off our list, offering readers a captivating tale of a young martial artist navigating a perilous world. With a compelling storyline and well-executed action sequences, “Apotheosis” earns its place among the best Wuxia manhua of all time.


While this ranking reflects the popularity and impact of these Wuxia manhua up to my last knowledge update in January 2022, it’s important to note that the world of comics is dynamic, with new releases and gems waiting to be discovered. As the genre continues to evolve, enthusiasts can explore these timeless classics and keep an eye out for emerging masterpieces that add new dimensions to the rich tapestry of Wuxia storytelling. Whether you’re a seasoned Wuxia enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, these manhua are sure to provide hours of thrilling entertainment and a deep dive into the world of martial arts fantasy.