What will be the 1st Free Mystery game from Epic Games 2023

With its free weekly game giveaways, popular video game company Epic Games has been causing an uproar in the gaming community. However, specifically what will be the first Free Mystery game for 2023 ? We will go over every detail of this amazing offer and how you can benefit from it in this article.

It is believed that Epic Games will release their first mystery game for free on December 13, 2023….Wednesday.

The Free Mystery Game

Since 2019, The company has been providing free games on a weekly basis, and in 2023, this trend is expected to continue. Every Thursday at 11 AM EST on the Epic Games Store, a surprise game known as the First Free Mystery will be unveiled. For a week only, this game will be offered without charge; after that, a new one will take its place. The video game company uses the mystery game as a means of maintaining user anticipation and curiosity for the weekly free game giveaways.

How to Get the Free Mystery Game ?

You must have an Epic Games account in order to receive the first Free Mystery game from the company. If you don’t already have one, visiting the website will make one for you for free. When the game is released for free on Wednesday, you can claim it by logging into the Epic Games Store after creating an account. For one week only, the game will be free to download; after that, the price will go back to what it was originally. Thus, before the week is out, make sure to claim the game.

How to Detect Games Installed with Epic Games ?

 If you’ve been using Epic Games, you might have got a sizable collection of games. However, how can you manage your installed games list with Epic Games ? Fortunately, a straightforward fix exists. Through the Store, you can make use of the “Detecter des jeux installer avec Epic Games” feature. If any games with the company logo installed are found on your computer, this feature will scan it. Keeping track of your games and making sure you don’t miss out on any freebies will be made easy with this method.

Epic Games Gift Card

Getting an Epic Games gift card might be something you want to think about if you’re a gamer. Games, in-game goods, and other content can be bought on the company Store with these gift cards. For any gamer in your life, they make excellent gifts. A variety of stores, such as Amazon, Best Buy, and GameStop, offer Epic Games gift cards for purchase.

My Predictions on Free Mystery Epic Games



I have not seen a single UBISOFT game come as a part of mystery game for a long time and 2023 could be the year in which i expect at least one UBISOFT game coming as a part of mystery game.

So will these year be the year for UBISOFT game considering Assassins Creed , it will have a great chance too.

2. 2K Games

2K Games

Since last 2 years epic store game has not given a single 2k games , so if you follow these trend it might be the signal that the company may include 2k games in the store , because the company gives games of different genre.

Sport game of 2k genre will be a possibility, till now they have not given a sport genre game.

3. Bethesda Game

Bethesda Game

As a part of mystery game the video game company has given so many Bethesda Game but could this year be the year of another Bethesda game , because if you see the library of epic store , you’ve got to see Evil within and Fallout Series , etc .

All those came as a part of Mystery game and this are the genre on which epic games currently focuses on . Will we get it ?

4. EA Sports

EA Sports

I have never seen any EA games coming as a part of mystery games and this might be the surprise package. I’m talking about specific sport game in EA . We have seen star wars but not sport games. If they will be giving . We will loved to see :- EA sports WRC , FIFA 2023 , etc.

If the company is thinking that they want to give sport genre, they either could give 2K game or EA sports. They could completely think out of the box. So let’s see what happen.

5. GTA 5 and GTA Online

GTA 5 and GTA online

A fan favorite, gamers friendly game GTA 5 , which every gamers expect and will these part of a mystery games again this is a big question . With GTA 6 announcement , who knows they might give GTA online at least to be free for the gamers it may happen very soon .

Check out | GTA 6 : Highlights from the Trailer That We Found Exciting

6. Action – Adventure Genre

You can see a list of games on epic game store there are variety of genre because epic game thinks that each game should be loved by everyone . Epic game gives all variety of genre . All this genre is going to be present there. Lets see what happens

This is my expectation ,my prediction. What you guys think would be the first mystery game ? Let me know in the comment section .


For gamers, Epic Games’ first Free Mystery game of 2023 is an exciting offer. This is a surprise game that will be free to play for a week starting on Wednesday, December 13. Make sure you have an Epic Games account and claim the game by the end of the week in order to benefit from this offer. To maintain track of your games, you can also use the “Detecter des jeux installer avec Epic Games” feature. You might also think about getting an Epic Games gift card for a friend or yourself. Stay tuned for future exciting offers from Epic Games !

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