GTA 6 : Highlights from the Trailer That We Found Exciting

Fans are already thrilled with anticipation and speculation after the much awaited release of the GTA 6 trailer. With the GTA 6 trailer, Rockstar Games continues to live up to its reputation of producing intricate and engaging open-world games. The 20 things we saw in the trailer will be broken down and their potential game implications will be examined in this article.

The following are some amazing things we saw in the GTA 6 trailer :-

1. The Setting


There are hints in the trailer regarding the setting and date of Grand Theft Auto 6. The game appears to take place in a contemporary version of Vice City, based on the buildings, cars, and technology seen in the trailer.

Vice City is well-known for its beachfront homes, neon lights, art deco architecture, and Miami-like features. The art deco design of several of the trailer’s buildings includes curved edges, pastel hues, glass brick windows, and terrazzo flooring. This means that instead of the 1980s backdrop of previous Vice City games, the setting will be Vice City in the modern era.

GTA 6 Vice City

The vehicles and technology in the trailer also indicate that the game is set in the present era. There are a few sports vehicles, SUVs, and sedans that resemble contemporary models. A character is seen using a smartphone at one point. This suggests a modern environment instead of a throwback ’80s style.

Although the year is never made clear, GTA 6 appears to take place in a contemporary Vice City, judging from the technology, buildings, and general atmosphere. Exploring this legendary fictional city with state-of-the-art graphics and gameplay excites fans.

2. The Graphics

GTA 6 Graphics

From what we’ve seen in the trailer, Rockstar Games has obviously made significant progress in terms of animation and graphics for Grand Theft Auto 6. The character models have an incredible amount of realism and detail; you can see pores in the skin, individual hair strands, and nuanced facial expressions that give the characters a life of their own.

The surroundings also have amazing visuals. In comparison to GTA 5, there is a discernible improvement in texture resolution and draw distance. Surfaces such as wood grain, individual grass blades and leaves, and realistic weather effects are all beautifully detailed. The lighting is also amazing, with realistic shadows and reflections produced by enhanced global illumination.

Additionally, the animations and physics seem to have been greatly enhanced. While character movements and transitions appear remarkably fluid and lifelike, clothing and hair move naturally. The characters move in a very realistic manner, responding to their surroundings as they run and jump over objects.

All things considered, it’s evident that GTA 6 marks a significant generational leap in terms of immersion and graphical fidelity. When we finally get our hands on the game, it should blow us away because, based on what the trailer shows, it is poised to set a new standard for realism and detail.

3. The Map

The new map and setting for Grand Theft Auto 6 are first shown to us in the trailer. Fans with sharp eyes have already started deciphering and speculating about the geography and locations revealed, despite the fact that only small portions are shown.

GTA 6 Beach

What looks to be a vast, varied landscape is shown in aerial views. We are able to identify residential neighborhoods, vast undeveloped areas, beaches, wetlands, industrial zones, and densely populated urban areas with skyscrapers. Compared to earlier GTAs, this implies that we might get an even bigger and more diverse open world to explore.

With its iconic neon lighting and Art Deco architecture, which resemble Miami’s South Beach neighborhood, fans of the show think the city is a fictionalized version of Miami. Other images feature wetlands that resemble the Florida Everglades, pastoral farmlands, and a sizable highway winding through an undeveloped desert region.

Although nothing is labeled, we can assume that this urban area—which is encircled by suburbs, a desert, and a wilderness—is the central setting. The terrain seems ready for off-roading, exploring, and wreaking havoc, reflecting the diversity of Florida’s landscape.

A dense urban core full of gleaming high-rises and commercial buildings is the subject of some shots. Additionally, a sizable contemporary stadium is visible, raising the possibility that it serves a purpose akin to that of GTA 5’s Maze Bank Arena. In addition, we witness industrial shipping yards, factories, and construction zones, all of which point to a vibrant, living metropolis.

GTA 6 metropolis

Expectations are high for a massive, varied open world map that dwarfs earlier Grand Theft Auto games. Since the teaser only features a small portion of the settings, Rockstar may decide to include more than one city or region. The exact size and level of detail of the new GTA 6 map will only become apparent with time!

4. The Vehicles

Incorporating a wide variety of realistic and extravagant vehicles into the Grand Theft Auto series has always been a point of pride for Rockstar. It appears that GTA 6 will offer more of the same based on what we saw in the trailer.

GTA 6 Cheetah

One particularly notable new car is a sleek sports car that appears to be an in-game replica of a luxury or supercar in the real world. It looks like it will perform really well because the player character is seen speeding down a highway in the trailer. When cruising the city or dodging the police, this is the kind of ride you’ll want.

A brand-new motorcycle was also briefly seen tearing down a dirt road. A variety of bikes, including cruisers, sportbikes, and off-road dirtbikes, are typically featured in Grand Theft Auto games. This new bike appears to be an enduro or motocross bike, designed to tackle rough terrain. It might create new opportunities for off-roading and extreme driving scenes.


The trailer offers a glimpse of what appears to be a new speedboat or racer beyond the new land vehicles. Exploring the islands and waterways in GTA maps has always been enjoyable with the use of the nautical vehicles. When the game releases, we can’t wait to explore and customize the new watercraft that will be available.

These are just a handful of the new cars that drew our attention in the exciting teaser. As usual, GTA offers players a ton of options for either cruising in luxury or wreaking havoc. When GTA 6 releases, we can’t wait to grab the wheel and handlebars.

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5. The Protagonists

We get our first glimpse of the main characters in GTA 6 trailer. There seem to be two primary playable protagonists :

Character 1 :

GTA 6 protagonist

A man with short black hair who appears to be in his mid-20s is the first character to be seen. He’s got on a leather jacket and jeans. He is seen committing crimes like robberies and gunfights in the trailer, which raises the possibility that he is a criminal type character. According to some fans, he might be the son of a former Grand Theft Auto protagonist.

Character 2 :


The second major character to emerge is a woman with long brown hair who also seems to be in her mid-20s. She is seen sporting fashionable attire, such as crop tops. The teaser teases that she may be adept with automobiles as it features her piloting a helicopter and driving fast cars.

6. The Story

We can infer some details about the storyline of the upcoming game from the GTA 6 preview. It appears likely that the story will take place in a fictionalized version of Miami and its surroundings based on the characters and locations depicted.

The first trailer has led some fans to speculate that we’ll be playing as both a male and a female protagonist this time. Although their relationship is unknown, some people theorize that they may be friends, partners, or siblings. Their scenes together imply that their stories will somehow be connected.


Drawing from the imagery of sailing by sea and landing in Vice City, it seems that the game might address themes related to immigration. Theories that the story will discuss the experience of immigrants in America are strengthened by the two main characters’ apparent differences in backgrounds.

Many people assume this entry will have a darker plot that addresses current social issues because it seems to have a more serious and gritty tone than previous Grand Theft Auto games. Topics like organized crime, political corruption, and the illegal drug trade seem likely to be relevant given the Florida setting.

Passionate Gamers have dissected each frame in search of story hints. The last image, which shows the logo emerging from neon lighting and covered in bullet holes, teases an exciting criminal tale that highlights Vice City’s opulence. To find out exactly what adventures lie ahead in Grand Theft Auto 6, we’ll have to wait for more teasers and information. For the time being, the teases that we have seen are encouraging a lot of fascinating conjectures regarding the upcoming installment of Rockstar’s popular series.

7. The Gameplay

A preview of some of the new gameplay features Rockstar has included in the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game is provided by the recently released trailer for GTA 6. Here are some noteworthy gameplay elements that appear obvious based on what we can make out in the trailer footage :

Advanced NPC Interactions :

The non-player characters in the teaser seem to interact with the player in more dynamic ways and exhibit more varied behaviors. Compared to previous GTA games, we witness NPCs engaging with one another, conversing on cell phones, responding to player movements, and going about their everyday lives in a more realistic manner.

Enhanced Physics :

There is a noticeable improvement in the physics of the objects, vehicles, environmental damage, and character animations. Realistic car bouncing over uneven terrain, object reactions to explosions and collisions, character clothing moving more naturally, etc. This ought to increase player immersion while playing.

New Wildlife Mechanics :


The trailer features a variety of vast wilderness scenes. These most likely won’t just be background elements; rather, they’ll interact in different ways with the player while they’re playing in the open world.

More Immersive Dialogue :

Character dialogue and cutscenes sound more realistic and organic. This could imply that during particular missions or story points, dialogue options and branching conversations might be more prevalent.

New Minigames :

A few possible minigames or side activities, including volleyball, golf, and what looks to be a dance club, are shown to us in passing. There will probably be a greater selection of minigames than in previous titles.

These are some of the most obvious gameplay improvements that are evident even from the brief GTA 6 trailer, though we’ll have to wait for more information from Rockstar to be certain. Based on this initial reveal, it appears that the open world, immersion, activities, and fundamental gameplay mechanics are all ready for innovation.

8. The Activities

When it comes to keeping players interested in their open worlds beyond the main plot missions, Rockstar Games has always been a master at doing so. There are a few quick peeks at what to expect in this area in the GTA 6 trailer.

Characters are seen playing volleyball on a beach, implying that sports minigames will return. Golf clubs in the foyer of a mansion suggests that golfing virtually will probably be an option as well. The sight of a road bike-riding character in the trailer will excite fans of Grand Theft Auto 5’s triathlons.

A rollercoaster is seen cresting a huge loop, suggesting that entire amusement park rides will be explorable for those looking for excitement. Furthermore, a scene featuring people dancing in a nightclub suggests that the GTA 4 minigame featuring rhythm-based dancing may make a comeback.

Night club

We can probably anticipate quirky minigames that make fun of different facets of society and culture, especially considering Rockstar’s fondness for satire. Activities like yoga on the beach and underground BASE jumping are in store for us, if previous installments are any guide.

With its robust base of engaging minigames and a wide range of activities, Grand Theft Auto 6 is sure to provide players with much more than just mayhem. Only a small portion of the many diversions that are probably crammed into every nook and cranny of the vast gaming world is shown in the trailer.

9. The Music

The GTA 6 trailer’s soundtrack establishes the mood and builds anticipation for the game. A lively, upbeat hip-hop song opens the trailer as it introduces us to the new characters and setting of the game. This instantly conveys the colorful, chaotic atmosphere that makes GTA famous.

We hear orchestral soundtracks that seem like they belong in an action movie as the trailer goes on. When there are big moments like car chases, gunfights, and plot revelations, the soaring strings intensify the tension and drama. This suggests that the plot may have a larger cinematic scope than in earlier games.

The tracks’ excellent production value suggests that the GTA 6 soundtrack may be the most expansive and lively one in the history of the franchise. The trailer music, taken as a whole, both suggests deeper themes we might explore and gets players excited to experience the crime-fueled chaos of Grand Theft Auto 6.

10. The Heists

GTA 6 Heist

The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series has made heists an indisputable cornerstone thanks to their gripping and complex gameplay mechanics that captivate players. It should come as no surprise that the most recent GTA 6 trailer teases us with details that seem to indicate that heists may be making a victorious return. The protagonist Marcus and his mercurial crew are shown in this captivating new chapter carefully planning and carrying out a bold bank heist. This sets the stage for a high-stakes journey full of heart-stopping turns and adrenaline-pumping scenes.

11. The Police


The police have always held a commanding position in all GTA games, contributing significantly to the overall gameplay experience. In keeping with this trend, the recently unveiled teaser for the much awaited Grand Theft Auto video game features Marcus, the main character, starting an exciting and exhilarating chase with police officers. This encounter turns into a thrilling, fast-paced chase that completely engrosses players in the thrilling action and amplifies the gameplay to previously unheard-of levels.


The first trailer for GTA 6 gives fans an appealing look at what looks to be a ground-breaking new chapter in the venerable series. With its refined visuals, fine details, and numerous gameplay enhancements, Rockstar Games appears ready to create another masterpiece.

Overall, the trailer has generated a lot of excitement and buzz for GTA 6, with fans eagerly awaiting its release.

What did you spot in the trailer for GTA 6? Are you excited for the game? Let us know in the comments.

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