7 Must Read Isekai Manhwa Best Of All Time.

If you enjoy fantasy graphic novels, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the well-known isekai manhwa genre. These tales take the protagonist to a parallel reality that is frequently magical and exciting. Many isekai manhwa are unique from the others, despite the belief held by some that it’s just a common trope. In this article, we’ll be counting down the 7 must-read isekai manhwa of all time.

What is Isekai Manhwa ?

Let’s first clarify what isekai manhwa is before we go into the list. The word “another world” in Japanese is called “isekai.” It describes a genre of manhwa in which the protagonist is taken to a parallel reality, frequently one that is a fantasy setting. These narratives typically follow the protagonist as they embark on adventures and acquire unique skills or powers in their new environment.

The Rise of Isekai Manhwa

With several new titles coming out each month, isekai manhwa has become more and more popular in recent years. Owing to their popularity, isekai anime and manga like “Sword Art Online” and “Re:Zero” have become successful. The West has also seen a rise in popularity for this genre, with many fans excitedly anticipating new releases.

7 Must Read Isekai Manhwa

This is a list of isekai manhwa that you absolutely must read. The captivating tales, endearing characters, and exquisite illustrations of these books have won over readers’ hearts.

1. “Dice: The Cube that Changes Everything”

Dice Isekai Manhwa

“Dice: The Cube that Changes Everything” centers on Dongtae, a regular high school student whose life is completely changed when he finds a mysterious set of dice. Every roll bestows upon him distinct abilities that test his ability to negotiate social dynamics, contend with opponents, and face personal struggles. The show examines the effects of using supernatural power in what appears to be an everyday world as Dongtae’s decisions affect those around him. “Dice” explores the life-changing power of the mysterious cube through themes of friendship, ambition, and the complexity of human nature. It does this by creating a gripping story about the unintended consequences of a seemingly harmless game and the profound effects of self-discovery.

2. “The Beginning After the End”

The Beginning After the End"

“The Beginning After the End” tells the story of King Grey, a strongman who dies and comes back to life in a magical and terrifying world. He is now a young child named Arthur, and he still has strong magical abilities and memories from his previous life. Arthur struggles to stay safe and reach the top of the power structure while navigating a world full of magical schools, mythological creatures, and political intrigue. The show deftly combines themes of leadership, reincarnation, and personal development as Arthur develops from a young boy into a powerful force. In a fantastical universe, the series delves into the delicate balance between power and responsibility through remarkable world-building and captivating storytelling.

3. “The Gamer”

The gamer

The protagonist of “The Gamer” is Jihan Han, a regular high school student who finds himself in a virtual world akin to a game. Possessing the extraordinary capacity to perceive life as a gaming interface, Jihan levels up, gains experience points, and picks up new abilities. He accepts his new reality and goes through obstacles, fights strong enemies, and investigates dungeons. The show examines the effects of gaming elements seeping into real life as Jihan strikes a balance between the extraordinary and the ordinary. “The Gamer” explores Jihan’s journey of self-discovery with humor, action, and a hint of the bizarre. It reveals Jihan’s unrealized potential and the fascinating connections between the gaming world and real life.

4. “Tales of Demons and Gods”

Tales of Demons and Gods"

“Tales of Demons and Gods” tells the story of Nie Li, a brilliant but tragically fallen person who lived in a martial arts-ruled world. Following his battle-related death, Nie Li regains consciousness as a young man with intact memories. He uses his knowledge to change his fate and shield those he loves from harm, driven by a desire to avoid the mistakes of the past.

Nie Li assembles a group of talented people, confronts powerful foes, and discovers long-kept secrets as he sets out on a quest to fortify himself and change fate. Action, fantasy, and strategy are all skillfully woven together in this series, which also explores themes of redemption, fortitude, and the power of the indomitable spirit to mold one’s own destiny in a world full of magical forces.

5. “The Scholar’s Reincarnation”

"The Scholar's Reincarnation"

“The Scholar’s Reincarnation” explores the gripping story of Roan, a scholar who was killed and betrayed before being reborn as a young man. Equipped with recollections from his former existence, Roan endeavors to exact revenge and restore his family’s reputation. In a world where political scheming and martial skill are paramount, Roan forges a perilous path while forging alliances and facing opponents. Roan discovers his ancestry’s secrets and struggles with the fallout from his decisions as he moves up the ranks.

The show effectively combines aspects of strategic thinking, martial arts, and personal development. In a world where survival requires more than just physical strength, Roan’s journey is not only a quest for vengeance but also a profound exploration of resilience, self-discovery, and the transformative power of knowledge. “The Scholar’s Reincarnation” stands as a captivating narrative that transcends the boundaries of revenge, evolving into a profound saga of ambition, honor, and the pursuit of one’s destiny.

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6. “The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor”

"The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor"

“The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor” centers on Lee Hyun, a poor and hopeless gamer who is compelled to sell his account. In a recent virtual reality game, he decides to pursue an unusual career as a sculptor in an attempt to make money. Lee Hyun’s journey turns into a story of ingenuity, cunning, and personal development as he forges his way through the game, meeting obstacles and making allies. The series is an engrossing blend of adventure, economics, and the unexpected consequences of in-game choices because it goes beyond the conventional gaming narrative and investigates the impact of a single player on an entire virtual universe.

7. “The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic”

"The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic"

The protagonists of “The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic” are three people: Asuka Aira, a kind-hearted but awkward mage; Seiji Hiiragi, a brazen and conceited swordsman; and Haruno Ryo, a gifted but socially awkward healer. The three set out on an adventure in a world where magic is commonplace, but their application of healing magic takes an unexpected turn.

Instead of using their healing powers in the traditional sense, the group unintentionally finds non-conventional ways to use them, which creates hilarious and chaotic situations. Their journey becomes a humorous investigation of the unexpected consequences of magical healing, from inadvertently transforming a dragon into a cute creature to curing injuries in unusual ways. Amidst the chuckles, the trio overcomes obstacles and develops, resulting in a delightful fusion of comedy, fantasy, and friendship.


With good reason, isekai manhwa has become a popular genre in the world of graphic novels. These tales engross readers in a magical and adventurous world full of endearing characters and original plots. These 7 isekai manhwa are must-reads if you enjoy fantasy graphic novels. They should undoubtedly be on your reading list. Enjoy your reading!

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