10+ Best Romance Anime Like My Happy Marriage

The historical romance anime “My Happy Marriage,” produced by Kinema Citrus, follows the life of Miyo Saimori, a young lady who has suffered a lifetime of pain and hardship. Born into a family with a loveless marriage, she has faced challenges such as her mother’s death and the arrival of a stepmother and stepsister. Miyo’s lack of inherited psychic abilities further marginalizes her, leaving her feeling like a servant. As a result, she has learned to accept misfortune with resignation.

When Miyo is wed to Kiyoka Kudou, a military captain known for his cruelty, she expects her life to be filled with even more suffering. However, her marriage holds surprising twists that not only bring joy to Miyo but also captivate fans of this historical romance anime.

List of Anime Shows Like My Happy Marriage

“My Happy Marriage” has received widespread acclaim from the anime community, thanks to its emotionally charged narrative and the captivating animation quality provided by Kinema Citrus. If you’re in search of anime series that offer a similar experience, we’ve compiled a list of the top list of twelve other romance anime series to consider watching for fans of “My Happy Marriage.” 

1. Romeo x Juliet

Anime like My Happy Marriage - Romeo x Juliet
Romeo x Juliet

Just like the name suggests, Romeo x Juliet draws its inspiration from Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ and weaves an entirely unique narrative. Similar to Miyo in ‘My Happy Marriage,’ the female lead, Juliet, also experiences the loss of her family at a young age.

However, unlike Miyo, Juliet transforms into a vigilant fighter who cannot abide injustice, taking on the identity of The Red Whirlwind. One fateful day, she crosses paths with Romeo, the son of her sole adversary. Upon discovering his selfless nature, Juliet finds herself falling in love with him. Little did they know that their love story was just the start of an expected uprising.

2. Emma: A Victorian Romance

The second anime in the list, similar to “My Happy Marriage,” “Emma: A Victorian Romance” is also set in the 19th century. It tells the story of a household servant who falls in love with a wealthy young man named William. What sets this romance apart is that it’s not one-sided; William reciprocates her feelings with deep and passionate love.

However, their love faces significant challenges because, in that era, social status held paramount importance. For a prolonged period, societal norms kept the two lovers apart. But neither of them gave up on their love, and eventually, William was able to convince his family to accept their relationship.

3. Kimi No Toduke

Anime like My Happy Marriage - Kimi No Toduke

Our third recommended anime for My Happy Marriage fans is Kimi No Toduke. In “Kimi No Todoke,” we follow the story of a 15-year-old girl who often faces humiliation from her classmates due to her resemblance to Sadako from “The Ring.” Similar to Miyo Saimori in “My Happy Marriage,” this girl, Sawako, is a kind-hearted loner with low self-esteem. Despite enduring humiliation, she never hesitates to lend a helping hand, even to those who mistreat her.

Sawako’s life takes a turn when the popular boy at school, Kazehaya, befriends her. Despite the rumors surrounding Sawako, Kazehaya sees through them and discovers the real Sawako, eventually falling in love with her.

4. Spice And Wolf

Spice and Wolf

While “My Happy Marriage” leans towards realism, “Spice and Wolf” explores the fantastical, with characters bound by a close companionship. Set in a medieval world, the story revolves around a traveling merchant named Kraft Lawrence and a wolf deity named Holo.

As they encounter economic and political hurdles on their journey, their unconventional bond deepens. Lawrence seeks to establish his shop, and Holo has her own aspirations. However, their time together becomes more transformative than either of them anticipated, leading to unexpected changes in their lives.

5. TONIKAWA: Over The Moon For You

Anime like My Happy Marriage - Tonikawa

This series is my favorite romance anime after My Happy Marriage. Nasa Yuzaki, the central character in this Seven Arcs story, is all set for a promising future, filled with plans and determination. However, Nasa Yuzaki’s life takes an unexpected turn when he crosses paths with an adorable girl at a bus stop.

Before he can express his feelings to her, he gets involved in an accident. When he regains consciousness in the hospital, he’s left with no clues about the girl’s whereabouts.

On Nasa’s 18th birthday, this mysterious girl suddenly appears at his doorstep with a marriage contract, changing the course of his life once again.

6. Say I Love You

Say I Love You

In our next anime show, In ‘Say I Love You,’ the tale centers on Mei Tachibana, a high school student who leads a solitary life, without any friends. Her long-standing trauma, stemming from a childhood accident, has left her unable to connect with others.

However, her world takes an unexpected turn when a popular boy named Yamato Kurosawa begins to take an interest in her. As Mei gets to know Yamato, she realizes that not everyone will judge her, and their bond deepens.

Kurosawa’s positive influence gradually helps Tachibana overcome her trauma, leading her to open up and forge new friendships.” Many My Happy Marriage fans recommend this anime to watch.

7. Blue Spring Ride

Blue Spring Ride

The plot of “Blue Spring Ride” revolves around the journey of self-discovery undertaken by its main characters, Futaba Yoshioka and Kou Mabuchi. Interestingly, some moments in their story draw inspiration from the real-life experiences of the manga’s illustrator.

Futaba, longing for change in her mundane life, gets an unexpected twist when Kou reenters her life, but this time, he’s a completely different person. Futaba initially tries to help Kou, but her efforts prove futile, leading her to step back.

She even enters into a relationship with another guy, but her lingering feelings for Kou prevent her from truly moving forward. Eventually, she ends her relationship. The turning point in Futaba and Kou’s lives comes when Kou acknowledges his own mistakes, setting them back on a meaningful path. If you are a fan of My Happy Marriage then you’re going to love this anime.

8. Taisho Otome Fairytale

Taisho Otome Fairytale

Tamahiko Shima’s life takes a tragic turn when he survives a car accident that claims his mother’s life but leaves his right hand dysfunctional. Hailing from the proud Shima family, he chooses to retreat to the mountains, awaiting what seems like an inevitable end to avoid bringing shame to his family.

Unexpectedly, Yuzuki Tachibana arrives, fulfilling a promise made by Tamahiko’s father to provide him with a wife. Yuzuki was sold to settle her family’s debts, yet she cares for Tamahiko with unwavering dedication. Their relationship is complex, rooted in duty and unfortunate circumstances, but beneath it all, there’s room for romance to bloom.

9. Galaxy Next Door

Galaxy Next Door - Anime like My Happy Marriage

“A Galaxy Next Door” is an extraordinary love story centering on Ichiro, a manga artist, and the enigmatic Shiori. Much like Miyo, Ichiro finds himself abandoned by one of his parents after the loss of the other. His livelihood depends on his manga artistry, but his situation takes a downturn when his assistant resigns.

A twist of fate brings him a new assistant in the form of the beautiful Shiori, who harbors a secret – she hails from a different galaxy. Shiori discloses that Ichiro’s accidental touch of the stinger on her back binds him to marry her. This peculiar incident forever intertwines Ichiro and Shiori’s destinies. Sounds similar to My Happy Marriage right?

10. Bibliophile Princess

Bibliophile Princess

Similar to Miyo Saimori, Elianna Bernstein, affectionately known as the Bibliophile Princess, faces an arranged marriage in her future. Raised in a noble family renowned for their love of books, Elianna’s childhood was steeped in literature and reading.

When Christopher Selkirk Asherald, the crown prince of the kingdom, proposes marriage to her, he offers an enticing promise – uninterrupted time to indulge in her passion for reading. Elianna enters into this union with no anticipation of love or romance, but her relationship with Christopher unfolds into something more profound than she ever imagined.

11. Maid Sama!

Maid Sama!

This series is suggested by many My Happy Marriage fans, Misaki Ayuzawa, known as the ‘Demon President’ due to her strict and hardworking nature, isn’t always liked by her classmates at Seika High School, where there are more boys than girls. She’s the first girl to become the school’s student council president.

Her life takes a surprising turn when she meets Takumi Usui, a popular boy from school. He discovers her secret – that she works at a maid cafe – and this worries Misaki. Takumi starts visiting the cafe frequently, making things even more interesting between them.

12. Horiyama


Last but not least in the list of anime shows for My Happy Marriage fans. The plot of “Horimiya” revolves around 17-year-olds Kyouko Hori and Izumi Horimiya, who lead dual lives with distinct personalities in and out of school. Kyouko presents herself as a sociable and cheerful girl during school hours, but at home, her focus shifts solely to caring for her younger brother. On the other hand, Horimiya appears introverted in the school environment but transforms outside of it, captivating people with his good looks and sunny disposition.

Upon discovering each other’s hidden sides, they make a pact to conceal their true selves from their classmates. As time passes and they safeguard each other’s secrets, their connection deepens, forging a lifelong bond between them.

Conclusion –

My Happy Marriage” is a heart-winning historical romance anime that has a huge fanbase for its emotional depth and engaging storytelling. If you’re a fan of this series, you’ll likely enjoy exploring other anime that offer similar themes of love, resilience, and personal growth.

In today’s article, we created a list of twelve anime shows that have a similar storyline to My Happy Marriage. I hope you find it helpful and do read more of our articles on “Anime”.