25 Best Harem Manhwa/Manga To Read In 2023 (Male & Female)

In the world of manga and manhwa, a special kind of story mixes romance, humour, and tangled relationships. It’s called “harem manga” or “harem manhwa.” These stories are about a main character who finds themselves in the middle of multiple romantic interests. It’s like a love puzzle, and it’s more interesting than you might think. Today we will talk about the 25 best harem manhwa/manga to read in 2023.

Harem stories explore different sides of relationships—friendship, love, jealousy, and personal growth. They also challenge the idea of traditional romance, making us think about love in new ways. Imagine there’s a main character, and they find themselves caught up in multiple romantic relationships simultaneously, and the main character can be male or female. It’s like a love rollercoaster, and it can be pretty fascinating. These are the kind of comics that dive into some seriously tangled love stories.

25 Best Harem Manhwa/Manga to Read in 2023

Silent War/My Kingdom

“Silent War/My Kingdom” is a popular manhwa with drama and mature themes, written by Tharchog and illustrated by Yansae. It follows the life of the protagonist, Hyun, whose unexpected connection with someone leads to dramatic events. The manhwa is known for its compelling storyline and vivid illustrations, exploring themes of love, betrayal, and power dynamics. However, it’s intended for mature readers due to its explicit content.


“Five” is a popular manga by Furukawa Shiori, mixing Comedy, Harem, Romance, School Life, and Shoujo genres. It’s about Hina, a girl who just wants a normal high school life but ends up in a class full of guys! Five boys in her class take a liking to her, and the manga is a delightful blend of humour, romance, and slice-of-life. If you’re into a light-hearted romance with a touch of humour, this one’s for you.


“KonoSuba” is a popular Japanese light novel series turned manga. It’s a hilarious mix of comedy, adventure, supernatural elements, and fantasy with a unique twist inspired by MMORPGs. The story follows Kazuma Satou, a gamer who dies and gets a chance to be reborn in a fantasy world. He teams up with an obnoxious goddess named Aqua and other quirky characters to defeat a Demon King. Instead of epic quests, they deal with everyday problems, making it a comedic take on the “transported to another world” trope. It’s all about laughter and absurd situations.

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Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai

“We Never Learn,” also known as “Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai,” is a popular manga written by Taishi Tsutsui. It’s a mix of comedy, romance, school life, and shounen.

The story follows Nariyuki Yuiga, a hardworking high school student trying to secure a scholarship. To get it, he has to tutor three geniuses in their weak subjects: Rizu Ogata (math and science), Fumino Furuhashi (literature trying to understand science), and Uruka Takemoto (a sports star struggling academically).

As Yuiga teaches them, the girls develop feelings for him, adding a romantic element to the plot. It’s a fun manga that explores the balance between academic dreams and growing affection.

Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu

“Otome Game Sekai wa Mob ni Kibishii Sekai desu” tells the story of Leon, a high school student who gets stuck in an otome game world but as a background character. Surrounded by attractive and powerful women who are drawn to him, he tries to stay inconspicuous but ends up in funny and awkward situations. Armed with knowledge of the game’s events, Leon aims to change his fate, all while forming bonds with the game’s heroines and facing various challenges. It’s a mix of comedy, fantasy, romance, and harem, with a twist on the usual isekai trope.

Trinity Seven: 7-nin no Mashotsukai

“Trinity Seven: 7-nin no Mashotsukai” is a manga series packed with fantasy, romance, comedy, and a bit of harem spice. It follows Arata Kasuga, a high school student whose world turns upside down due to a mysterious event. To save his cousin, he enrols in a mage school and meets the Trinity Seven, powerful female mages. Together, they unravel mysteries and develop romantic relationships. It’s not just a manga; it’s an anime and two films. With over three million copies sold, it’s a favourite in the genre. If you like a mix of magic, romance, humour, and a bit of a romantic tangle, this one’s worth a read.

Kimi no Koto ga Daidaidaidaidaisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo

This manga also known as “The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You” is a manga about Rentarō Aijō, a high schooler rejected by 100 girls who discover he has 100 soulmates. If he doesn’t return their love, they’ll meet tragic ends. To save them all, Rentarō takes on the challenge of dating all 100 at once, leading to comedic and complex situations. This unique harem manga, with a supernatural twist, is also getting an anime adaptation in October 2023.

Hayate no Gotoku!

“Hayate no Gotoku!” (Hayate the Combat Butler) is a Japanese manga series by Kenjiro Hata, blending comedy, harem, and action. It follows Hayate, an unlucky teen, who becomes a butler for Nagi Sanzenin to escape debt collectors. The story’s mix of humour, action, and romance, along with clever pop culture references, has made it popular. It’s not just a manga; there are also anime, live-action TV adaptations, and music CDs based on it. If you enjoy comedy, harem dynamics, and action, this manga is a must-read.

High School DxD

“High School DxD” is a popular light novel series turned manga and anime. It’s about Issei Hyoudou, a high school student turned devil, serving Rias Gremory. It’s a mix of harem, romance, comedy, and action, filled with supernatural elements and comedic situations. With 29 novels, 7 manga volumes, and multiple anime seasons, it’s a hit among fans for its entertaining blend of genres and characters’ journeys.

Mahou Sensei Negima!

Meet Negi Springfield, a young wizard-in-training turned English teacher at Mahora Academy in Japan. The twist? His students are all teenage girls. Negi has to juggle teaching, hiding his magical abilities, and facing various challenges and adventures. Along the way, he forms deep connections with his students and uncovers mysteries about his past and the magical world.

This manga series has been turned into multiple anime adaptations, known for its mix of comedy, romance, and fantasy. It’s a favorite among harem manga and anime fans.

Yamada-Kun to 7-nin no Majo

“Yamada-Kun to 7-nin no Majo” is a Japanese manga series created by Miki Yoshikawa. It ran from 2012 to 2017 in Weekly Shōnen Magazine, collected in 28 volumes. The story follows Ryu Yamada, a high school delinquent who accidentally swaps bodies with Urara Shiraishi, the top student, through kissing. They revive the Supernatural Studies Club to investigate this phenomenon, blending romance, comedy, school life, and the supernatural, making it an engaging and entertaining manga series.

Absolute Hypnosis in Another World

In this manhwa, our protagonist HYPNO possesses the unique ability of hypnosis, and he’s determined to build a harem in a new world. The story combines fantasy, comedy, and romance as HYPNO uses his powers to charm multiple women. It’s a twist on the isekai genre, with themes of power, desire, and relationships. Just a heads-up, it may contain mature content and is best suited for age-appropriate readers on mangaforfree.net. Enjoy the adventure.

Our Pure and Ambiguous Romance

“Our Pure and Ambiguous Romance” is a manhwa featuring romantic comedy, school life, and harem elements. Created by You Lu Wen Hua and illustrated by Meatbun Doesn’t Eat Meat, it debuted in 2017 and gained attention for its unique storytelling style.

The story follows Luo Xiao Wei, a typical high school student who finds himself in comedic and ambiguous romantic situations, surrounded by beautiful girls with distinct personalities. While it offers entertainment for fans of the genre, it’s worth noting that some readers have criticized the protagonist’s behaviour towards female characters. Consider these opinions before diving into the story.

Two Wives

“Two Wives,” also known as “Du Anae,” is a manhwa that blends Drama, Harem, and Romance genres. The story revolves around John, his wife, and her best friend, who are entangled in mysterious activities. The manhwa delves into their hidden past and explores their motives, offering a dramatic narrative with elements of romance and complex relationship dynamics. While detailed synopses and reviews may be limited, “Two Wives” promises an intriguing storyline worth exploring.

No Way, Vampires Don’t Exist

“No Way, Vampires Don’t Exist” is a popular manhwa written by Ki Moong and illustrated by Racking. It falls into genres like comedy, polyamory, romance, shounen-ai (focused on male relationships), and the supernatural.

The story revolves around four college vampires searching for a fifth roommate who turns out to be a human named Dongha. However, Dongha isn’t “hearty” enough for their taste, so they try to fatten him up instead. As the story progresses, the vampires become attached to Dongha and discover hidden secrets about him. The manhwa offers a unique blend of humour, romance, and supernatural elements, making it an engaging and enjoyable read for fans of these genres.

Tensei Shitara Dai Nana Ouji Dattanode, Kimamani Majutsu wo Kiwamemasu

“Tensei Shitara Dai Nana Ouji Dattanode, Kimamani Majutsu wo Kiwamemasu,” also known as “I Was Reincarnated as the 7th Prince so I Can Take My Time Perfecting My Magical Ability,” is a manga that follows Prince Lloyd. He’s a reincarnated sorcerer determined to master magic, despite the challenges of being a 10-year-old prince.

The manga began in June 2020 and has received recognition, ranking eighth in the Next Manga Awards in 2021. Exciting news for fans: There’s an anime adaptation set to premiere in April 2024, and Crunchyroll has the rights outside of Asia.

In a nutshell, it’s an adventurous fantasy manga about Prince Lloyd’s quest to perfect his magical skills in his new life as the 7th prince. Get ready for some magical adventures.

Shijou Saikyou Orc-san no Tanoshii Tanetsuke Harem Zukuri

“Shijou Saikyou Orc-san no Tanoshii Tanetsuke Harem Zukuri” (The Most Powerful Orc in History Creates a Harem Full of Fun Breeding) is a manga that combines harem, comedy, and fantasy genres. It follows the story of Oug, a kind-hearted orc who wants to lead a peaceful and enjoyable life by creating a diverse harem with different races and species. Oug’s adventures, marked by humour and romance, are about his journey to build a harmonious and joyful harem. It’s a unique take on the harem genre with a powerful orc as the protagonist.


“Kure-nai” is a captivating Japanese series that began as a light novel. It also includes manga and anime adaptations. The story revolves around Shinkurō Kurenai, a teenager who specializes in conflict resolution. He becomes a bodyguard for a seven-year-old girl from a powerful family. The series combines comedy, drama, and romance, offering a well-rounded narrative. Additionally, there are original animated DVDs (OADs) that expand on the story. Overall, “Kure-nai” is a compelling tale of Shinkurō’s journey as a protector in a complex world.

Watashi ga Motete Dousunda

“Kiss Him, Not Me,” also known as “Watashi ga Motete Dousunda,” is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Junko. It’s been running since 2013 and is published in Bessatsu Friend magazine by Kodansha. So far, there are nine volumes.

The story follows Kae Serinuma, a high school fujoshi (a girl who loves boys manga and anime) who goes through a remarkable transformation after a week of mourning her favourite anime character. She loses a lot of weight and becomes incredibly popular among her male classmates. But here’s the twist – she’s not really interested in dating any of them. Instead, she prefers to imagine romantic relationships between the boys around her. The manga explores the comedic and romantic situations that arise as Kae navigates her newfound popularity while staying true to her fujoshi lifestyle.

Denpa Kyoushi

“Denpa Kyoushi” is about Junichiro Kagami, a die-hard otaku who gets roped into teaching physics at his old high school. Surprisingly, he turns out to be a pretty awesome teacher, using his otaku knowledge to inspire his students. It’s a fun mix of comedy, romance, and harem, all while exploring themes of personal growth and unconventional teaching methods. If you’re into unique teaching styles and a touch of romance, give it a read.

5-toubun no Hanayome

“5-toubun no Hanayome” is a manga about Futaro Uesugi, a high school student hired to tutor five identical quintuplet sisters: Ichika, Nino, Miku, Yotsuba, and Itsuki Nakano. At first, the sisters want nothing to do with Futaro, but he gradually forms a connection with each of them, leading to romantic feelings. The manga explores their relationships, and it’s known for its engaging characters, humour, and heart-warming romance. It even got turned into an anime series and has cool merchandise. If you like romance with a touch of comedy and school life, give it a read.

Men of the Harem

“Men of the Harem,” also known as “Harem-ui Namjadeul,” is a captivating manhwa featuring Latil, a woman thrust into power after her father’s mysterious assassination. To secure her rule over Tarium, she assembles a harem of five young men from different backgrounds. The story combines romance, mystery, and politics, offering a fresh twist on the harem genre with Latil as a powerful female lead. It explores themes of love, trust, loyalty, and personal growth within the intriguing backdrop of court politics.

The Beloved Fake Saint

“The Beloved Fake Saint” is a fun manhwa that mixes romance, fantasy, and reverse harem. It’s about Ariel, who’s pretending to be a saint for political reasons. To escape her fake identity’s consequences, she relies on the help of gods but accidentally attracts the attention of the crown prince, the pope, and a merchant. The story is light-hearted and humorous, with a yandere-style reverse harem dynamic. If you’re into romance, fantasy, and comedy, this manhwa is a must-read on kunmanga.com. It’s a thrilling adventure as Ariel juggles her act as a saint with dealing with love interests and powerful figures.

Virus Girlfriend

“Virus Girlfriend” is an action-packed manhwa that falls into the Harem and Manhua genres. The story is set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, and the protagonist, Ling Mo, discovers he can control these undead creatures. He encounters his girlfriend, Ye Lian, who is now a zombie and sets out on a journey to help her regain her memories. The story combines action, romance, and a unique zombie twist, making it an engaging read for fans of these genres.

Twice the Love

Twice the Love (Nae Anaeneun Durida) is a harem manhwa that revolves around the protagonist, whose wife’s identical twin sister moves into their house. However, things take a naughty turn as the twin sister starts seducing the protagonist. The story explores the confusion and temptation the protagonist faces as he tries to determine whether it is his wife or her sister who is seducing him.

Here we come to the end of our list of 25 best harem manga/manhwa to read in 2023. Enjoy!

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