10+ Inspiring Manhwa About The Bullied MC Who Gets Stronger

Before we start the topic, I want you to use your imagination and picture a world where the weak person becomes a strong champion, and just like that a world where the bullied kid who gets jumped every day gets his revenge after he becomes the strongest man. In the world of manhwa, these stories come to life, showing us that even in the toughest times, we can find our inner strength. Join us as we explore over 10+ Inspiring Manhwa About Bullied MC Who Becomes Stronger, where characters who were once pushed around rise to greatness.

12 Manhwa About The Bullied MC

The manhwa about the bullied MC in this list aren’t just fun reads; they’re a reminder that we all have the power to overcome challenges and grow stronger. Get ready to be inspired by these amazing tales of triumph!

1. Dice: The Cube That Changes Everything

Dice - Manhwa About The Bullied MC

“Dice: The Cube That Changes Everything” is a manhwa about the bullied MC Dongtae, a bullied high school student who gains the power to change his life attributes through a mysterious cube. As he alters his destiny, moral dilemmas and consequences arise.

The story explores themes of power, responsibility, and friendship, with Dongtae’s character evolving from a victim into a more assertive individual. Interesting twists and the origin of the dice add depth to the narrative, making it an inspirational series for fans of supernatural and psychological storytelling.

2. How To Fight

Manhwa About The Bullied MC

“How to Fight” is one of the best manhwa about the bullied MC “Yoo Hobin” who goes through incredible character development. In the beginning, the bullied protagonist, Yoo Hobin, was weak and often mistreated by his classmates. However, his life took a dramatic turn after a viral video brought him fame and fortune. He started making videos professionally, introducing a unique concept that gained him a massive fan following. 

Inspired by online videos, Hobin began learning martial arts and worked hard to become stronger. This manhwa is a must-read for anyone who loves stories about bullied characters turning into absolute badasses, and it’s a thrilling tale of personal growth and determination.

3. Weak Hero

Manhwa About The Bullied MC

The “Weak Hero” is a highly motivational and inspiring story, it’ll inspire many of you, it is Manhwa about the bullied MC “Benjamin”, who is a new student at Geon High School, famously known for bullies and hierarchy. Benjamin, our main character, driven by justice, takes on the bullies, earning him the nickname “Weak Hero.” The story is filled with intense battles and strategic fights as he stands up for justice and forms alliances with fellow students who’ve also suffered.

Benjamin’s intelligence, tenacity, and strategic thinking make him an inspiring lead character. It’s a tale of inner courage and the fight for what’s right in a school ruled by fear.

4. The World Is Power And Money

The world is money and power

“This World Is Money and Power” is an amazing manhwa about the bullied MC in high school life filled with power struggles. The main character, Dan Geon, is a talented and smart student who takes on the wealthy and influential Chaebol members at his school. This leads to a unique battle of wits among the students, where they engage in intellectual showdowns.

What makes this story even more captivating is that it’s not just about physical strength but about brains and strategy. The art style in the manhwa is also exceptional, and Dan Geon is not only intelligent but also handsome.

If you enjoy reading Manhwa about the bullied MC or about high school power struggles and clever tactics, this Manhwa is definitely worth your time.

5. The Breaker

The Breaker

The story of “The Breaker” is an action-packed manhwa about the bullied MC that follows Shi-Woon Yi, a bullied high school student who transforms into a skilled martial artist under the tutelage of the mysterious and legendary instructor Chun-Woo Han. As Shi-Woon learns martial arts, he becomes embroiled in a world of power struggles and martial arts politics.

The series explores themes of personal growth, morality, and the consequences of one’s actions in a world where strength is paramount. With thrilling battles and character development, it’s a must-read for fans of martial arts and action.

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6. Wind Breaker

wind breaker

“Wind Breaker” is a great manhwa about the bullied MC that follows the female main character “Noh-Ah”, She is a high school student who escapes the bullying by throwing herself into her passion and interest in downhill street racing. As she races to prove herself, she forms deep connections with fellow racers.

The story combines thrilling races with personal growth, teamwork, and the pursuit of passion. It’s a must-read for those seeking an exciting and action-packed manhwa.

7. Reality Quest

Manhwa About The Bullied MC

In this amazing story of Reality Quest which is manhwa about the bullied MC, the main character, Ha Do Wan is a decent student who’s bullied at school every day. One day, a bully forces him to play a dangerous game, and it becomes too much for him to handle, leading to his death. But here’s where things get more interesting. After he dies, he somehow goes back in time one week before that fatal incident in which he got killed.

The catch is, this time, things are a bit different. Ha Do Wan has gained some new abilities, and it seems like he’s caught up in a real-life game with special skills and challenges.

Imagine playing a video game, but in real life, and with cheat codes. That’s the kind of adventure you’ll find in this manhwa, where the bullied main character gets a second chance at life with some extraordinary abilities.


Manhwa About The Bullied MC

“ReLIFE” is again one of the best Manhwa about bullied MC, The story is similar to the Reality Quest, this manhwa shares a story about a guy named Arata Kaizaki who’s 27 and struggling with life. He meets a scientist who offers him a deal: go back to being 17 for a year. Arata accepts and becomes a high school student again. He faces the usual teenage problems, makes friends, and learns important stuff.

This manhwa about the bullied MC is all about second chances, growing up, making friends, and dealing with adult life. Arata meets others doing the same experiment and gets involved in their lives. It’s a tale of how life can change when you get a fresh start.

9. Guard Pass

GUARD PASS-Manhwa About The Bullied MC

In this motivational manhwa, we meet the Main Character – Lim Sejun, a regular student who loves food and used to be overweight. He was often made fun of by his classmates, but he didn’t pay much attention to their teasing. His one true friend, Seo Hajin, was skilled in jiujitsu from a young age and protected Sejun.

However, a tragic incident occurred when some classmates got into a fight, and Hajin was badly hurt, ending up in the hospital. Sejun tried to get the police involved, but it didn’t lead to justice. Frustrated and determined, Sejun decided to learn jiujitsu himself to seek revenge for his friend Hajin.

It’s a powerful manhwa about the bullied MC who becomes stronger through martial arts training, all driven by the desire for revenge

10. DeathCord


In this full-of-energy manhwa about the Bullied MC, “Deathcord,” we see Kyung Min, a student who’s been suffering relentless bullying from his classmates. One day, out of the blue, he gets an invitation to join a strange online chat room called ‘Deathcord.’ But this chat room is not like any other—it’s incredibly dangerous because it allows its members to vote on killing someone in real life.

What’s even stranger is that everyone in the chat room is anonymous, and they all have their own reasons for wanting to kill someone. One person becomes the target, and then it turns into a deadly game where everyone in the chat group tries to kill each other until only one person is left standing.

It’s an intense manhwa about the bullied MC that revolves around high school bullying and a chilling online game where survival becomes the ultimate goal.

11. The Boy of Death

manhwa about the bullied MC

“The Boy of Death” is an interesting manhwa about the bullied MC, Lee Kyung Ho, whose life has been really tough. He’s been bullied a lot, and losing his beloved mother made him deeply depressed. At one point, he even thought about ending his own life.

But here’s where it gets interesting. Kyung Ho’s strong determination to end his life catches the attention of a Grim Reaper named Sierra. Sierra makes him an offer: she’ll give him the power of the dead for an hour in exchange for one year of his life. He agrees because he has one last wish—to connect with his deceased mother.

This manhwa about the bullied MC has some amazing, intense fights and is a story where the main character, who’s been bullied, becomes stronger. It’s a gripping read for fans of stories about overcoming challenges and getting stronger.

12. D-30

Manhwa About The Bullied MC

The “D-30” is interesting to go to manhwa about the bullied MC, the main character who struggles facing bullying and even falls from a terrace. He ends up unconscious in the hospital for a long six months. When he finally wakes up, one of his childhood friends decides to help him by transferring to his school.

This friend is skilled in martial arts and is about to become a champion. However, tragically, he gets murdered by the ruthless bullies at the school. But here’s where it gets interesting. The main character is granted an unexpected opportunity to go back in time for 30 days, giving him a chance to save his friend from his unfortunate fate.

This manhwa is a unique and captivating story, especially for those who love manhwa about the bullied MC where the main character faces bullying but becomes stronger.


In today’s article, we talked about the 12 Inspiring Manhwas about the bullied MC, where bullied and weak characters get stronger physically and mentally, and become an inspiration for others. From “Dice” to “Weak Hero” and “The Boy of Death,” each story offers unique lessons. “ReLIFE” offers a chance to relive youth, “Deathcord” explores deadly games, and “This World Is Money and Power” delves into school power struggles. “Wind Breaker” races into street racing, while “How to Fight” showcases Yoo Hobin’s transformation in “The Breaker.”

The theme: “From bullied to strong.” The manhwa about the bullied MC who becomes stronger to get revenge mentioned today aren’t just stories; they’re also lessons in resilience. Read them for WEBTOON.

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