Is Fairytale worth watching?

If you are a Shonen anime fan you might have heard about Fairytale, and you ask yourself is Fairytale worth watching? We’ll after reading this article you might come to a conclusion, let’s jump right into it.

Fairytale is an adrenaline booster, hyped to its core. If you have seen Black Clover, it is the nearest anime to it. Everyone in Fairytale can use magic, but some are exceptionally good at it. So they form guilds or a clan of magicians, and others with problems beyond themselves can seek help from the guild members. One of the most hothead dragon slayer wizard Natsu Dragoneel. Natsu is in the search of his father, who is a dragon in the kingdom of Fiore. But Is Fairytale worth watching?

There are a few types of magic used in Fairytale. The Water type, Wind type, and Earth type. Some advanced magicians can also use a combination of two or more magic that support each other’s type. For example, Wind and Fire type magic is very supportive of each other. This shows that the writing was done with patience and the writers have explored every possibility in making the show this good

is Fairytale worth watching?

Natsu meets Luci Heartfilia, befriends her, and asks her to join the guild. Luci, who has the desire to be adventurous gladly accepts his invites. And thus, began their journey of exploration. During the course of this journey they find amazing wizards of the world and improve themselves in the process.

The show gained popularity because of Natsu’s attitude of never giving up and expanding his limits on the spot. The show then turns dark when the come to know the truth of who Natsu and Luci really are!! But they chose to be on the right part. It has a very good element of time-travel as well.

To sum it up, Fairytale is a must watch anime. The visuals are very eye-striking, and the voice acting and story line adds to a unique yet familiar viewing experience. Now we hope you got the answer to the question that Is Fairytale worth watching?

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