Top Manhwa and Webtoons

Anime is ruling the world right now with its animation and storyline, but in this article, we will see the Top Manhwa and Webtoons that took birth in Korea and are creating a buzz all over the world. The Japanese Manga industry is enormous today, but this does not mean that Korean shows are not drawing any attention. Many readers are praising Top Manhwa and Webtoons because of their fantastic works.

Ever since the US gave birth to Superman and Batman, almost a hundred years ago it became the comic hub of the world, but then soon enough Manga took over and we all know where it stands now. And so is the turn of Top Manhwa and Webtoons

Originated in South Korea, People who loved Anime are also getting drawn webtoons. While Manga is still in Black and White, Manhwa is very colorful and visually striking and is attracting many readers from all over the world.

During the course of this article will we see Top Manhwa and Webtoons to watch

  1. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?
Top Manhwa and Webtoons

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? is a romance based Manhwa, in which the protagonist is trying to perform her job with her perfectionist and narcissist. It is a timeless classic that can be read multiple times and it will still feel the same

2. Noblesse


After being tired and wounded after a gruesome battle, Rai, a very powerful vampire, falls into a deep sleep to recover his strength and soldiers. Eight hundred twenty years later, he wakes up only to discover the world has changed too much and nothing makes sense.

  1. Eleceed

Jiwoo is a gentle and a very warm-hearted man. He has immense love for cats and keeps a bunch of strays to freeload at his home. Now, everything’s normal about him except for his cat-like reflexes.

On one normal day, Jiwoo saves a wounded stray cat, just like his habit. But he discovers that he has picked up something more than he bargained for: a cat that can talk!!

  1. Demon Devourer (Talent Swallowing Magician)

Elric is the last remaining descendant of the once-powerful demon-hunting Melbringer clan. But, the twist comes in when he has no magic likes his elders.

Still, he takes heart tries every cure possible. He’s even willing to bet his life inside a perilous ancient cave just for a mere chance. Things change when his fate takes a shift after he awakens his demon-devouring bloodline.

  1. Karina’s Last Days

Karina has lived all of her life on her family’s terms —an obedient daughter, a doll, and a shadow of the Leopold family. Only her ardent passion for drawing and her ability to breathe life into her art sparked the will in her to live life on her own terms.

Now, everything changes when fate leaves her with only a year to live, Karina breaks her chains and escapes towards the northern frontier.

We really hope we added some options to your list of Top Manhwa and Webtoons, and our recommends will help you find your favorite Top Manhwa and Webtoons.