Ishura Anime Release Date, Plot, Trailer, and More Updates!

The beloved light novel series Ishura Anime Release Date is here with its long-awaited anime adaptation. Get ready for some jaw-dropping animation, unbelievable fight scenes, and a story that will always keep you engaged and at the edge of your seat at all times.

The Ishura saga

Ishura is a Japanese light novel series written by Keiso, the same person behind amazing works such as The EXO Drive Incarnation Games series. The original novel was first published by Kakuyomu and Shosetsuka ni Naro before being acquired by ASCII Media Works who managed to publish the series in print. The manga adaptation of the series began in 20221 and has so far had two volumes. The series was finally picked up for anime adaptation by Passione and Sanzigen, the same folks behind anime such as Yuri is My Job!, The Demon Sword Master Excalibur Academy, Higurashi: When They Cry, Terra Formers, New Initial D, and BanG Dream. It is slated for release in January 2024.

The series is set in a world where the Demon King is dead and demigods feel that they are capable of inheriting the world. These demigods are placed in a series of trials in order to attain the title of ‘True Hero’ as they fight fierce enemies and fight amongst themselves to determine who is the mightiest.

Ishura follows a lot of beats and tropes common in the fantasy anime genre but delves deeper into darker themes and settings often not approached by other anime franchises. We can see a lot of similarities to other IPs such as Solo Levelling. A series that follows the same beats of wanting to be at the top while facing dangerous and deadly foes at every corner.

Ishura Anime Release Date

The trailer for Ishura was released in early 2023 with a release date still up in there. However, fans can now catch the anime as it was released on January 3, 2023.

The trailer showcases a noir style seen in IPs such as Attack on Titan, with a setting that looks awfully similar to the walled cities of Attack on Titan. The noir and gloomy art style is offset by some stunning visuals of settings and characters highlighting their origins but not exactly going into depth regarding their origins just yet. The trailer also places heavy emphasis on solitude and a need for the individuals within the show to stand solely for themselves to achieve a selfish game. It also showcases the magnitude of this task and how everything is on the line for this task.

With episode 1 of the series already out, be sure to catch it while it’s still fresh rather than bingeing it all together. Series like Ishura require some downtime to take in what you just watched and anticipation for how the series will build up every episode. For Indian audiences, have no fear. The series is officially streaming on Disney+ so you can catch all the episodes of the series.


Ishura the anime focuses heavily on its source material, rarely swaying from the original. The plot follows the original storyline of the Demon King being dead and several demigods hoping that they are ready to take over the throne.

Just like the trailer for Ishura, we can expect the action and carnage to begin from the very first episode with fights and demon-slaying from episode 1. The anime will also introduce us to several of the worthy contenders for the throne and everyone fighting for the right to be the ‘True Hero’.

Major Updates to the Franchise

As of now, the Ishura light novel series has 8 volumes and continues to publish more volumes, so fans can expect major light novel releases this year. As of 2024, the manga series has completed 3 volumes and fans can also expect the manga series to grow alongside the light novel. Only time will tell how much the material from the print material plays into the anime franchise.

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