Manga Series Attack On Titan, Under Top 30 Don’t Miss Out

Manga Series Attack On Titan Written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama, Attack on Titan ( Hepburn: Shingeki no Kyojin, lit. “The Attack Titan”) is a popular Japanese manga series.

It takes place in a fantastical world where humans are confined to zones protected by massive walls against giant man-eating humanoids known as Titans.

The story of the anime centers on a group of youths who live in cities protected by three massive walls from the monstrous humanoid “Titans” who roam the world and randomly consume human beings. Thousands of people, including our protagonist Eren Yeager’s mother, perished after a colossal Titan broke through the outer wall.

The plot then shifts to Eren’s decision to enlist in the military and make it his mission to eliminate every last Titan.

Critiques Of Manga Series Attack On Titan

Manga Series Attack On Titan was one of the few anime I’ve ever gotten truly pumped up for. The months of anticipation were a pain in the neck, but the payoff was awe and a desire for more.

The plot of Manga Series Attack On Titan revolves around a race of huge people known as Titans who ate mankind for no apparent reason many years ago. The humans had to retreat and construct a massive wall to keep the Titans at bay in order to ensure their survival.

After many years, the walled towns were peaceful until a Colossal Titan suddenly emerged and smashed through it, allowing other Titans to freely roam the city and do their thing.

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Erin Jaeger Despises The Titans And Seeks Both Their Annihilation And The Truth About Their Origin.

In all candor, the tale is fascinating and the structure is excellent. The story moved at an appropriate rate. Like crack, you couldn’t wait for the following episode to find out what happened.

Although there were some choppy parts to the story because the flashbacks didn’t seem to fit together very well. Though it didn’t bother me, I found the sudden time travel to the past and subsequent return to the action to be rather jarring.

The Narrative As A Whole Was Superbly Written And Entertaining.

My only real complaint, aside from the occasional flashbacks, is that they seemed to linger too long on certain moments of introspection and choice.

When a character is having an internal monologue and we get to hear his or her thoughts, you may find yourself wishing the scene would wrap up and move on. It was a great concept told, with only a few minor issues.

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I thought the animation was a bit off in this one. Rarely do you see such bold black outlines on nearly every object in an anime. It could have been an episode of Archer.

Although I enjoyed it for its fluidity and ability to keep up with the show’s rapid pace, the Archer aesthetic of the animation never quite gelled with me.

The Quality Of The Sound Was Outstanding.

Both the voice acting and the rest of the sound effects were excellent. There was a lot going on, and the effort put in clearly paid off.

Character development was a strong suit for Manga Series Attack On Titan. Many characters perish in this anime, so it’s encouraging to see even minor growth in those who don’t get a lot of screen time. In this anime, you won’t find yourself rooting for any one individual.

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Because of the unique ways in which they deal with similar situations, the cast works well together despite sharing common ground. I was blown away.

Overall Attack On Titan The Ending Of Attack On Titan Was Satisfying.

There were a few things that didn’t work quite right, but they weren’t too bothersome. The whole thing was amazing and quite emotional.

There was a lot of tension leading up to each fight since you never knew who was going to survive. Strongly suggested

Erin Yeager Is A Young Man Who Resides In Shiganshina,

A Community Protected From Titan Invasion By A Ring Of Three Concentric Walls.

The Colossal Titan and the Armored Titan are the first types of Titans to break through the first wall (Wall Maria) in the year 845. Eren’s mother is devoured by a Smiling Titan while he manages to get away.

He and his boyhood pals Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert swore vengeance on all Titans and enlisted in the military. Trost, on the second innermost wall (Wall Rose), is attacked by the Colossal Titan five years after Shiganshina’s demise.

After Eren learns he can transform into an intelligent Manga Series Attack On Titan, he helps successfully defend the city. In addition, he remembers that his father bestowed this power to him soon after the collapse of Wall Maria and instructed him to look for the key to their world in the cellar of their Shiganshina home.

Erwin Smith, commander of the Survey Corps, takes notice of these developments and plans to utilize his authority to retake Wall Maria and enter the Yeagers’ basement. Levi Ackerman and Hange Zo take care of Eren, Mikasa, and Armin in the Special Operations Squad.