How About An Anime Adaptation Of Isekai Nonbiri Nouka And Hiraku ? Shocking Facts , Do Not Miss Out

Tsurui Yasuyuki drew inspiration for this manga from the light novel series of the same name by Naitou Kinosuke. Slice of life comedy with elements of harem and light adventuring; an Isekai Nonbiri Nouka (another world) fantasy tale.

The Backdrop Hiraku Machio, a revived human who was sent by a god to farm on a world of his own choosing, is the protagonist of this manga. He has an unusual knack for making friends wherever he goes and, possibly, charming most women he meets, much to his dismay because all he wants is a quiet, uncomplicated existence.

He clears farmland in the middle of the appropriately called Forest of Death, and a diverse group of people and animals settle there, making him their leader.

His ability to maintain composure and happiness in the face of extreme danger has made him a popular figure. At first, people came to him because they wanted a safe haven from the world’s animosity and because of the special food he grows with the use of an enchanted tool. Furthermore, many early humanoid females get crazy for him.

A God Didn’t Want To Be Responsible For Hiraku’s Accidental Death,

so he resurrected him in another planet and gave him a holy relic to use as a weapon. Hiraku’s new life turns out to be extremely peculiar, with him eventually becoming mayor of a village populated by people of many different species.


Atsushi Abe Provides The Voice Of Hiraku Machio (, Machio Hiraku).

He plays a pivotal role in the story. Hiraku, while striking out on his own, makes friends with a pack of wolves he names Kuro and Yuki, a demon spider he names Zabuton, and even members of the humanoid species. Hiraku has at least seven women and children, which causes some uncertainty on his part. However, some of the elves only have children with him to maintain their lineage.

Voiced By Shino Shimoji Rurushi Ru

A female vampire who uses magic and has an interest in herbalism. Her size fluctuates with her blood loss and intake, but she chooses to remain a loli in order to discourage her hugely libidinous spouse. Hiraku’s first wife, widely known as the “Vampire Princess,” gave birth to their son Alfred.

Aya Suzaki Provides The Voice Of Tia

Angel with the unfortunate nickname “Annihilation Angel”; she was Ru’s nemesis before he persuaded her to stay. Since angels are a species without males, she gives birth to Hiraku’s first daughter, also an angel. She also brought the fabled Three Killer Angels and some Lizardmen to the farm, as well as the first chickens.

Ria Was Portrayed By Lynn (Voice).

A girl who heads up a band of high elves. Two hundred years ago, humans destroyed their town in a war, and the survivors had been roaming aimlessly until Tia brought them to Hiraku’s farm. They help out around the farm by setting up a smithy to produce metal equipment and weapons and introducing new skills like baking and construction.

Ann (, An) Is Narrated By Yukiyo Fujii.

She is the town elder and speaks for all the ogre maids that followed Flora to the village. When she wants Hiraku, she usually locks him in his room with a girl. Yuka Aisaka provides the voice for Lamulias (, Ramuriasu) A former ogre housekeeper turned village administrator.

Haruki Ishiya Provides The Voice For Daga

Daga is the Lizardmen’s official village representative after arriving with Tia. A red bandana, a gift from Hiraku, is knotted over his upper right arm, setting him out from the rest.

Sister of Ru and fellow researcher with an interest in the fermentation process, Flora (, Furra) (voiced by Miyu Tomita) has relocated to the village to study it. She was responsible for delivering the first two animals to the farm.

Sena. portrayed by Machico, is the daughter of the chief of Howling Village and the leader of the Beastmen that have settled there.

Kousei Hirota Provides The Voice For Donovan (, Donovan).

The wise dwarf who brought distillation to the hamlet and became its leader. In time, he and his crew established themselves as the local brewery.

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Moon Of Lastismoon (, Rasutisumn)

Performer: Natsumi Hioka.

White Dragon Graffaloon (Yoko Hikasa), the mother of Gatekeeper Dragon King Dryme (Tetsu Inada), urged her daughter to remain in the hamlet and act as a diplomat. In time, she rises through the ranks to oversee international diplomacy for the hamlet.

Both “Crazy Dragon” and “Trader Dragon” describe her fiery, intimidating demeanor, while the latter refers to the important role she plays in the local economy.

Chrome (Furauremu=Kurmu) From Flowrem.

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Performer: Miho Okasaki

Yji Ueda voices Demon General Bizel, whose daughter is sent to investigate the town’s “military might.” After learning the truth about the city and meeting its human mayor, she decides to stay for a much longer period of time.

Later on, she took on the role of village accountant and acted as a go-between with the Demon Kingdom; she also played a key role in establishing trade ties between the hamlet and the coastal city of Shashaato.

Kanae Ito provides The Voice For Hakuren .

After causing issues in the village, Dryme’s older sister [3] becomes the schoolteacher there. She has a few nicknames, including “Ancient Dragon.”

Reina Kond Voices Yuri.

The naive princess who, after being misinformed by her three pompous aristocratic friends, led an army of 300 to the Taiju Village to rescue Flowrem from her father, the Demon King Galgardo (Hozumi Goda).

Rosalind (, Rozarindo), Roaju) ,and Klakkase (, Kurakkase) are Japanese names for the same character.
Cast includes voice actors Riho Tsuda, Reo Osanai, and Kotori Koiwai.

There were three aristocratic young women responsible for the thwarted invasion of their village by Princess Yuri. They remained in Flowrem, where they currently work as village hall assistants (or “Town Hall Girls”).

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In-Character Actor: Riho Sugiyama

The mountain elf leader who brought his people to live in the village. In particular, she is familiar with the locations of the best sources of clay for Hiraku’s ceramics.

  1. Mr. Michael Goroun
  2. Naoki Tatsuta provides his voice

In the coastal city of Shashaato, Michael heads over the Goroun Corporation as its CEO. Flowrem knew of him through his connections and invited the businessman to Taiju Village, where he established a trading post.

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