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Players, in an effort to amass the most riches and/or bankrupt their opponents, move around a game board that features property plots and other special tiles, much like in the classic board game Monopoly.

Most of the progress toward the objective comes from either buying real estate and collecting rent from rivals, or making virtual stock market investments. Minigames, unique goods, and unpredictable events that affect the scoreboard are common components of the gameplay.

In Richman Fight, each player must pick a unique character and set up a repeat deck of eight function cards before the game can begin. Players roll a die to move their character over the board, activate special abilities, and drive their opponents into bankruptcy via the effects of function cards and special properties.

In addition, there are other “special blocks” on the map that players can use to acquire cards or activate effects that will help them win the game.

A Chronicle Of The Affluent

According to the developers, “shrinking single-player markets and lack of breakthrough in gameplay” meant that Richman 8, which came out in 2006, would be the final main series entry in the Richman franchise.

Nonetheless, after that, Richman WEB and Richman 4 Fun for iOS and Android were released as spin-offs. Softstar’s Beijing branch has licensed a Hangzhou firm to create a mobile-only version of Richman 9 for the Chinese market.


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Richman 4 fun offers a classic monopoly experience, letting you utilize your business savvy to become a billionaire and construct your own utopia.

  • Plenty of options for card combinations and play styles.
  • Funny person with distinct vocal inflections

The Gods Are Watching You! Possess The Fortune Gods To Construct,

Earn More Fent, Or Reduce Your Rent,

But Beware The Misfortune Gods!

Coin Catching, God Shooting, and Hiding Rabbit are just three of the built-in minigames that may be played to gain points and be used to buy further packs of cards. You can use the main screen’s Playground for unlimited practice of these minigames.

The stock market is a surefire way to multiply your money quickly.

Regarding The Richman’s Story/Gameplay:

Players of Richman 4 can assume the roles of whatever they like best, so long as they share a desire to amass wealth and exert power over a variety of cities. You should get started by tackling the game’s hardest stages, which will teach you the ropes while also presenting you with some interesting challenges.

You can customize many aspects of your in-game battles, from where they take place to what constitutes a win to how long they last, and much more besides. You can have even more fun by inviting other players to join you in competitive online play. Take advantage of the game’s exclusive card-trading elements to experience its enhanced gameplay.

Playing with a cast of colorful personalities, each with their own quirks and quarrels, can make a game of Monopoly feel much more intimate and, by extension, weighty.

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Here are all of the Game’s most alluring additions:

Easy-To-Use Interfaces For All Players.

To begin, the intuitive controls in Richman 4 fun for Android allow for instant immersion in the game’s addicting monopoly gameplay. Simply roll the dice to determine how many actions each player gets.

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To interact with specific game elements, just click on them. When you’re done with your turn, click the button. You’ll have to wait for the other players to finish their turns before you can go on.

Exciting Card Game With A Variety Of Play Styles

And if you’re interested, Android players may now enjoy the rich card trading experience available in Richman 4: Fun. Each card has its own special abilities and traits. You may exchange them for additional money or use them to help your businesses succeed. Feel free to use any methods you see fit in order to achieve victory with your hand of cards.

Distinctive, Well-Designed Characters

Richman 4 fun gives Android users the option to freely engage with the game’s colorful cast of characters, each of them has their own distinct appearance and humorous quirks. Enjoy witnessing their individual animations as they interact with various game features as you lead them on a series of epic monopoly adventures.

Fate Is Determined By Potent Deities.

Richman 4 fun adds divine favors to the traditional monopoly gameplay, making this a thoroughly entertaining mobile game. Have fun being possessed by the Fortune Gods, who will bestow upon you a plethora of advantages that will increase your wealth.

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Avoid the Misfortune Gods at all costs, since they will return to torment you and drain your bank account.