A Tycoon In The Trade Of The East ,  New Fetcher Take Advantage Of This Now

In A Tycoon In The Trade Of The East, You play as a poor individual who starts with nothing and rises to become a wealthy business tycoon in a fictional version of ancient China. To achieve this goal, you will engage in commodity trading, invest in cities, fulfill business orders, manage business accounts, and oversee your family’s affairs.

You can live the Sims life, get married, start a family, and grow your business all at the same time. Our ability to amass wealth and expand our sphere of influence as our families mature is facilitated by their participation in our businesses and trades.

Our long-term objective is to become the dominant commercial force in the entire region. And we have a solid family foundation to ensure the continued success of our company for generations to come.

Accurate City Plans Based On Geodetic Data

From Yanzhou in the Central Plains to Luoyang in Guanzhong, from Gongyue City in the Western Regions to Ryukyu on Treasure Island, the game features 80 historical cities based on actual locations and names. It takes a whole year to journey over the entire map, but the massive rewards are well worth the effort.

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Featured Commodity Price Index Up/Down

A total of 89 distinct products can be found in the game’s various locations. Commodity prices fluctuate as the game progresses. If you want to increase your money, you need to buy cheap and sell high at the right times.

The game will also feature sporadic city festivities. Some commodities may reach all-time low prices on designated days. The more eloquence you have in the game, the more money you can save by bargaining.

The Most Recent Business Order Demand Data Will Be Released On A Regular Basis From Cities Across All levels.

You can make more money than usual by shipping items that are in short supply in various locations. The quickest way to amass wealth is to aggressively carry out business instructions and organize trade routes.

Goodwill is earned every time a business order is fulfilled, and after you have amassed enough goodwill, you can apply for and receive further city trade licenses. In the end, the larger one’s goodwill, the bigger one’s reputation in the business world, and the higher one’s ability to attract business partners.

In Order To Successfully Trade In The Game, You Will Need To Organize A Caravan To Carry Your Goods.

To move large quantities of products over long distances, you need the assistance of friends, the use of donkey carts, and the protection of armed guards. Oh, and you may also need some medics; otherwise, the caravan’s progress could be severely slowed in the event of an epidemic.

Any number of unplanned occurrences could disrupt a trader’s plans, from receiving a divine blessing when they pick up their products to being the victim of a pickpocket and having their silver taels stolen.

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It is stated that our good fortune might be enhanced by a family member’s special skill. You never know what sort of unexpected situations you’ll run into when exploring new cities. Either residents in need of assistance have come forward, or a decision has been taken to prioritize family over work. The outcomes of your various choices vary. Explore the range of options available to you.

In The Game, You Play Both The Role Of Trade Team leader And Family Patriarch.

With enough money in the bank, one can purchase a large plot of land, find a suitable mate, start a family, and continue the cycle of procreation and education for many generations.

The three most important skills of every leader are all present in every member of this family. If you have an exceptional family member, you can promote them to either the caravan’s second-in-command or the business’s manager.

With the passage of time, everyone in the family will age, get sick, and die. When one generation dies out, it’s time to name the next in line to run the family business, which may be more than a century old. Everyone has their own unique system of how they present physically, and Yi Rong Dan has the power to alter this.

Each Of The Ten Family Heirlooms The Family Can Acquire

Has An Incredible Boost Effect That Significantly Increases

The Power Of The Family And Its Caravans.

The number of dominant corporations has a direct bearing on the rate of heirloom acquisition. Treasures can be used to improve the power of heirlooms after they have been obtained. Only in the imperial capital of Chang’an can one find such priceless artifacts. It is reported that treasure traders who travel the world map offer discounts on their wares.

If you can, try to connect with him. All the members of the family have special skills. Talent is a superpower that improves everyone in the household. Those with exceptional skills in the family should be treasured.

The Creation Of A Company Name, In Addition To Manual Trade,

is the primary means of acquiring capital in the game’s middle and late stages. The company will hire additional caravans to assist you. The more powerful and numerous the caravan, the higher the business level required to recruit them.

If you’re starting to feel exhausted from trading, it’s time to take a breather and let the business bring in the cash. The opportunity to pick well was lost. Each municipality can establish its own company, which will take the reins after it captures more than half of the market.

When the head merchant hits that mark, he or she can get the legendary heirloom. However, our rivals might not want things to go swimmingly for our pioneering company and might occasionally start business wars. The more capable the family is as a whole, the more the company will be able to stand up to the competition and consolidate its position in the market.