Overlord Sei Okoku-hen Teaser Video Released for 2024 Film!

The Overlord Sei Okuku-hen film is here and back for its third installment. Let’s see what we are in for this time around.

Overlord Sei Okuku-hen is back in 2024 with a new film that continues the saga. The film is set to release in 2024 with its first teaser trailer being released on January 5, 2024. The bright, flashy trailer promises a bold new direction into the Overlord Sei saga. You can be sure to experience the saga and all that it’s built up to culminate in this movie.

The short trailer for the saga gets straight to the point. With its introduction of a new menacing character standing outside the gates of the kingdom vowing to create a new hell screams, terror, and general unpleasantness shall reign supreme. The trailer showcases a crisper animation and a step up in quality from original installations (considering the serialization of the series began in the mid-2010s) and promises a chaotic viewing experience for its viewers. The introduction of our new character is still shrouded in mystery as he is covered in a menacing mask with a pointy nose and a speech that is equal parts eerie, theatrical, and downright disturbing. Rest assured, we are intrigued.

Overlord Sei Okuku-hen

Our masked man is identified as Jaldabaoth from the Overlord Light novel series. From what we know, Jaldabaoth was a persona crafted by Demiurge in order to pursue his goals in hiding from Nazarick. Initially, Demiurge plays the role himself but later gets passed on to summon Evil Lord Wrath. From the understanding of Jaldabaoth as a character, theatrical is definitely a key factor in his existence considering he was merely a persona that eventually got taken over, not only will he be overpowered to the max but he will also add that extra splash of chaos that comes with a series like the Overlord Saga.

Overlord Sei Okuku-hen

For fans of the Overlord Sei Okuku-hen saga, especially fans in India, fear not, as you can stream all of the episodes of the anime adaptation on Disney+. You will be able to catch up with everything Overlord Sei Okuku-hen before the movie drops. From Indian fans as well as international fans, the release date for the movie is still unclear. A lot of fans speculate an approximate 3-6 month delay which is very standard when it comes to anime film releases being exported from Japan to the rest of the world. The same has occurred with several other anime films including the Jujutsu Kaisen movie, the My Hero Academia movie, and several others.

For those new to the series, Overlord Sei Okuku-hen is a light novel series by Maruyama Kugane. The series follows an officer worker in a dystopian world as he logs into a video game only to be transported along with his entire guild into an alternate reality. Here the guild is confronted with the craziest scenarios where they need to investigate and take over the new world hoping to understand how they ended up in the mess.

The premise follows a lot of anime that follows the premise of the MC being stuck in an alternate game universe such as Sword Art Online and Future Diary. But Overlord Sei Okuku-hen and its dark setting and overpowered nature definitely sets it apart from the rest of the genre.

Overlord Sei Okuku-hen spans multiple light novels, manga, and seasons of anime. So there is a lot of material to look over before you get into the third movie installation. Moreover, the film is said to be directed by Itou Naoyuki, the man behind Your Voice and two One Piece films, and produced by Madhouse, the same company behind amazing anime such as Perfect Blue, Paprika, and other classic anime movies.

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