Solo Leveling Hunter ranking System, Explained.

A popular Korean web novel, Solo Leveling has been turned into a manhwa (Korean comic) and developed a sizable international fan base. The Solo Leveling Hunter ranking System, which is integral to the storyline, is among the most exciting elements of the narrative. Let’s explore this ranking system’s specifics and its application to solo leveling in this article.

What is the Solo Leveling Hunter ranking System?

Solo Leveling Hunter ranking System

The Hunter ranking system is a classification and ranking scheme for those who are supernaturally gifted and referred to as “Hunters.” The mission assigned to these Hunters is to destroy creatures that have entered Earth via enigmatic links. The Hunters’ worth to society and their respective strengths and abilities are assessed using the ranking system.

How does the ranking system work?

In Solo Leveling, the Solo Leveling hunter ranking system is divided into seven levels, with E being the weakest and S being the strongest. A hunter’s rank determines many aspects of their life, including their income, guild, and reputation. The Hunter’s skills, accomplishments, and social contributions determine their rating.

The Hunter Association, a government agency in charge of overseeing and controlling hunters, rates and assesses hunters. The Association considers a number of variables, including the Hunter’s combat prowess, the quantity of monsters they have vanquished, and their general social influence.

Here’s a breakdown of the ranking system:

1. E-Rank

In Solo Leveling hunter ranking system, the hunters with the lowest ranking are these. Their combat skills are limited, and they often deal with low-level threats or low-risk assignments.

2. D-Rank

Hunters in this grade are marginally more skilled than those in E-Rank. They are capable of taking on more difficult jobs and defeating weaker monsters.

3. C-Rank

Hunters of this rank are said to be quite adept and are able to handle monsters and dangers of a moderate difficulty. They might take on more difficult and dangerous missions.

4. B-Rank

B-Rank hunters have a great deal more strength and experience. They engage on missions with challenging monsters and dangerous conditions, showcasing their superior combat skills.

5. A-Rank

Among the top are A-Rank hunters. They are incredibly skilled and adept in fighting, frequently embarking on missions involving formidable monsters or dire circumstances that call for their knowledge.

6. S-Rank

The S-rank is the highest rank in the Solo Leveling hunter ranking system. Only a select few Hunters worldwide possess the strength and expertise needed to hold this rank. Hunters with an S-rank are regarded as being at an entirely different level from other Hunters and are frequently called “National Level Hunters.” They are in charge of completing the riskiest and most challenging missions, and governments and organizations greatly value their services.

7. National level

A level above S-Rank that is only given to people whose national abilities have been acknowledged. These hunters frequently take on crucial roles in defending their nations and neutralizing threats at the national level.

Note :- A hunter’s rank is determined by a variety of factors, beyond just combat skills; these include leadership, strategic aptitude, and services to society. The main character, Sung Jin-Woo, exceeds the expectations of the hunter world as he advances through these ranks, displaying tremendous strength and development.

Benefits of a higher ranking

For Hunters, obtaining a higher ranking has numerous advantages. A Hunter gains greater respect and recognition from society the higher their rank. Additionally, they have greater tools and resources at their disposal, which increases their effectiveness in their work. Hunters with higher ranks are also paid more and assigned more difficult and prestigious projects.

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Advancement in ranks

Making rank advancements is a difficult task that takes a lot of effort and commitment. Hunters can advance in rank by doing missions taking down strong monsters, and receiving approval from the Hunter Association. However, because of the intense competition and stringent progression standards, it is not unusual for Hunters to stay at the same level for years.


The Hunter ranking system gives the story more complexity and is an essential part of the Solo Leveling universe. It establishes a hierarchy and competitive spirit among Hunters in addition to acting as a means of classification and ranking. As the narrative develops, we witness how the characters are affected by the ranking system and how it influences their behavior. As the plot develops, it will be interesting to observe how the rating system changes.

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