Solo Leveling Episode 1 Review And 2nd Episode Release Date.

An international fan base is currently growing for the popular Korean web novel Solo Leveling, which has turned into a manhwa. Fans are excitedly awaiting the next episode of the Manhwa after the Solo leveling Episode 1 was recently aired on 6th Jan. Examining the first episode in further detail, we will talk about the intriguing idea and character growth that has drawn us in this Solo Leveling Episode 1 review.

Solo leveling Episode 1 review.

Solo Leveling is a battle series. This series is mostly about action, and it’s magical, fictitious action.

The lively artwork of the Webtoon has elevated the mentioned action. The seasoned animation studio A-1 Pictures acknowledged that having colored artwork as the source material aided them in adapting the series to the screen. Consequently, Solo Leveling Episode 1’s animation was fluid, detailed, bright, and smooth.

Because there weren’t many action moments in the first episode, it wasn’t able to give us a decent idea of what to expect. On the other hand, Yoon-Ho and Jong-In’s anime original scenes hinted at amazing battle-sakuga works to come. This episode did not provide the background score many chances to shine, so it was unable to make much of an impact.

The opening theme tune in particular was the cause of the controversy around the music. By now, all fans are aware that the opening song, “LEvel,” was performed by the well-known K-pop group TOMORROW X TOGETHER and has been made available as a single on various platforms. Yet, Solo Leveling Episode 1 itself didn’t have a warm introduction, therefore in Solo Leveling Episode 1 review we did not get to see the opening scene.

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Character and plot introductions.

The speed of the show was the main complaint voiced by viewers. For a debut episode, the amount of information offered was excessive.

There was no surprise conclusion because many modern battle-shonen episodes have extremely similar openings. The series lacked a central point of entrance, and Sung Jin-Woo, the main character, never managed to win our affection. This was mostly because the first episode of the anime introduced as many of the main characters as it could.

The first characters we encounter in the webtoon are Baek Yoon-Ho and Choi Jong-In, who can be found in chapters 47 and 62, respectively. They served as the anime’s obvious demonstration of power while introducing the Hunters to the viewer. Almost immediately following each other, Go Gun-Hee, Woo Jin-Chul, Yoo Jin-Ho, Han Song-Yi, and Cha Hae-in were presented. The webtoon’s Jeju Island arc, which begins around chapter 90, is hinted at even in the opening scene.

Choi Jong In in Solo Leveling Episode 1

In the first ten chapters of the book or the Webtoon, none of these people are mentioned. There was little sense of urgency as the finale hinted at Jin-Woo’s approaching fate because the introduction of such a huge combination weakened the focus on him. Also, the rapid cuts between various scenes were also disturbing and added to the episode’s overall sense of confusion.

Perhaps there should have been no changes made to the timeframe at all. Episode 1 might have adapted the first five or six chapters, both of which had strong conclusions, rather than just adopting chapters 1-3 of the webtoon.

This might have given us a better opportunity to see Sung Jin-Woo’s complexity. Rather, what we got is an awkwardly put-together compilation of an excessive number of characters engaging in an excessive number of activities, none of whom have left a lasting impact on us.

Solo Leveling began out as a novel and was later turned into a webcomic. After an inadequate beginning, the book gained popularity. When the Webtoon began serialization in 2018, the novel’s buzz was sufficient. But its visual element, and the Webtoon’s genuinely outstanding artwork turned a mediocre series into an instant success.

Because of Chugong’s writing and the Webtoon’s visuals, which both included a surprising element, readers kept returning to both works. That was absent from the anime. The narrative, characters, and colors are all familiar to us. The anime only had movement and music, so it had to use both to the fullest extent possible to captivate the audience.

Because of this, even while fans of the original writings are aware of the anime’s potential, it may not be able to capture the interest of new viewers. Those who only watch anime may not have the same familiarity with the plot as die-hard fans have, and while the majority of them will stick around for episode 2, some may leave after Solo Leveling Episode 1 review failed to engage them in the narrative.


Because Solo Leveling Episode 1 concentrated more on the individual components than the overall composition, it fell short of the expectations set by webtoon or novel enthusiasts. It was by no means a poor episode or a poor effort, though. Everyone had a sense of what to expect going forward because to the production’s exceptional quality, which was evident throughout.

The release of Solo Leveling Episode 2 on January 14, 12 AM JST, should strengthen my argument that this anime has the potential to be a genuine masterpiece.

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