Plastic Memories Season 2: The Long-Awaited Return

Plastic Memories Season 2: The Long-Awaited Return

Plastic Memories Season 2 – In a bustling city filled with gleaming skyscrapers and technological wonders, there existed a unique charm beyond the steel and glass facades. It was a charm born from a heartfelt story that captivated the world—a story known as “Plastic Memories.”

Top 10 upcoming anime in 2024 is here!

top 10 animes in 2024

2023 has been an amazing year for anime lovers, but the burning question on everyone’s mind is: Can 2024 top it? With the new year upon us, international anime fans everywhere look forward to this coming January and a brand-new season of TV cartoons. The new year holds the prospect of even more exciting plot twists from … Read more

Dr. Stone 4th Season of Anime Announced Read All Details.

Dr. Stone 4th Season of Anime Announced.

Fans of the anime series “Dr. Stone” and anime enthusiasts are excited with anticipation over the news of the highly awaited fourth season. An intense debate and excitement among the anime community have been triggered by the news that this compelling plot will be carried on. We’re excited to explore every aspect and disclosures related to … Read more

Plastic Memories Season 2: Author Teases the Series’ Return in 2024

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Plastic Memories Season 2 – The world of anime often leaves an indelible mark on its viewers, captivating hearts with compelling storylines and endearing characters. Among these beloved series is “Plastic Memories,” a poignant tale that resonated deeply with audiences worldwide. As fans yearn for more, recent hints from the author suggest a potential return of the series in 2024, sparking excitement and speculation within the anime community.

The Eminence in Shadow Anime Movie next season announced!

Given the ever-changing nature of anime, for a series to win over its audiences and get them thinking really is wondrous. Yet The Eminence in Shadow has succeeded at doing just that, becoming a cultural phenomenon with its combination of humour and fantasy, as well as detailed storytelling. Its appeal lies in the fact that … Read more

The Saints Magical Power Is Omnipotent| season-3 announced


“The Saint’s Magical Power Is Omnipotent” season-3 update, Good news, anime enthusiasts! Get ready to embark on another magical adventure because “The Saints’ Magical Power Is Omnipotent” is coming back with Season 3, and the excitement is off the charts! For those who haven’t dived into the enchanting world of this anime, let’s take a … Read more

Highly Anticipated Chainsaw Man Reze Arc’ Movie Announced Officially At Jump Festa 2024 

Chainsaw Man Reze Arc

The beloved Isekai manga anime adaptation, Chainsaw Man finally gets its first official film. The highly anticipated moment in the anime universe has officially arrived. Chainsaw Man Reze Arc’ Movie was officially announced at Jump Festa 2024 on December 17 during the Chainsaw Man panel. The trailer has anime lovers from all over the world … Read more

Shy Season 2 release date is here!

Shy Season 2

Shy Season 2 is here! The wait for the final season has been nothing short of excruciating. The lovable and endearing protagonist, Teru Momijiyama, captured the hearts of viewers across Japan with her charming and relatable quest to become the country’s next superhero. As rumours swirled about a possible second season, fans eagerly anticipated news … Read more

5 Best Anime To Watch On Christmas Evening.

5 Best Anime To Watch On Christmas Evening.

Christmas is a season for gatherings with loved ones, close friends, and chilly nights by the fireside. And what better way to enjoy some warm-hearted anime on a Christmas evening? We’ll be ranking the top 5 best anime to watch on Christmas Evening in this article. Why Watch Anime on Christmas? With good cause, anime … Read more