Ya boy Kongming! anime compilation trailer finally dropped!

The vibrant world of Ya Boy Kongming! is back with its all-new anime compilation film set to release in 2024.

Ya Boy Kongming! anime compilation movie

The trailer for the new Ya Boy Kongming! anime compilation film was released on the show’s official website. The compilation movie is called Paripi Kōmei: Road to Summer Sonia. The compilation movie will follow the themes of stardom, business, showbiz, comedy, and everything that made the show exactly what it was. Fans eagerly wait as the movie is slated for release in Japan on March 1st.

Ya Boy Kongming! is known for its over-the-top comedy and themes filled to the brim with hyper visuals, and an art style that stands on its own uniqueness and over-the-top nature. The series is an adaptation of a Japanese manga series of the same name. The manga was written by Yuto Yotsuba and illustrated by Ryō Ogawa. Yotsuba is also known for his works such as Tensei Nanajou de Hajimeru Isekai Life: Bannou Maryoku ga Areba Kizoku Shakai mo Yoyuu de Ikirareru to Kiita no desu ga?!

Ya Boy Kongming!

A compilation film is usually a film consisting of the entirety of a season of a certain series which promises to better bridge together the tattered episodes of a series without any wait or interruption. The plot of Ya Boy Kongming! goes above and beyond the confines of a single season and requires its own compilation movie to truly be a necessity.

The series follows our titular, Xhuge Kongming, who earns a reputation as a great tactician of the Three Great Kingdoms during the third Century of China. Even though he led his army to great victories, get eventually dies and gets reincarnated in a more peaceful era. Here he gets reborn into a younger body in modern-day Tokyo with his memories still intact. He also happens to find himself in the world of aspiring singers who immediately hold him captive. However, he finds comfort in Eiko who takes him under her wing and guides him through the grueling music industry. He eventually learns that the music industry is more unforgiving than Third Century China.

Given this plot of epic proportions, we can truly see why a compilation movie is necessary.

snippet of Ya Boy Kongming!

The trailer showcases glimpses of times in the titular Kongming life, filled with flashing lights, and crowds of adoring fans, hints to his past life and the conundrums he finds himself in as a singer. The trailer promises a wild ride of everything we have come to expect from the series while also giving us moments into what makes Kongming’s life what it is. Tonally, the show has a lot going for it. With a majority of its trailer showcases a wide range of hyper and excessive emotions rather than grounded and somber ones. It will be interesting to see how the compilation movie bridges the gap between season 1 and its upcoming season 2.

We’ve seen a lot of anime put out compilation movies such as Death Note, Code Geass, and, more. While OVAs like that of the Given series, establish new relationships between characters and set it up for upcoming seasons, compilation movies act more as a piece of media that people can use to look at a series with a brand new set of eyes. Hopefully, this movie puts a lot of things into perspective. And showcase the birth and rebirth of Kongming in a more grounded way.

Fans eagerly wait to see this unfolding more one time as the movie is said to hit the big screens in Japan on March 1st, 2024. Till then, fans of the series can enjoy the episodes of its first season as well as the manga.

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