‘Tis Time For Torture Princess Set For Release in January 2024

The light and bubbly manga along with its twisted moments are set to appear on screen this January 2024 and it is slated to be an absolute must-watch.

About our “Tortured” Princess

‘Tis Time For Torture Princess is a fantasy shonen manga released on April 4, 2019. The manga has released 12 volumes to date and continues production on its manga series. The manga is written by Robinson Haruhara¬†and illustrated by Hirakei. The manga got its serialization on the Shonen Jump+ manga website.

Haruhara has worked on several other manga works such as Angel Game, and Hero Hearts. While Hirakei, has worked on manga works such as Ao no Rettou, and Shinmai Nitta-ism. In 2020, the manga was ranked second in the next manga awards along with a stamp of approval from Vinland Saga writer, Makamoto Yukimura.

The Plot of Tis Time For Torture Princess?

The story follows an ongoing battle between the Imperial Army and the Hellhorde. Here we find our princess captured alongside her holy sword known simply as ‘Ex’ ( short for Excaliber because fantasy). Here we find that regular torture is prohibited by prisoners of war after a treaty was passed between the two parties. However, in lew of still trying to “Torture” the princess, the grand inquistor, Torture Tortura, employs torture techniques such as tempting foods and snacks and other light-hearted “torture” methods.

However, little does the Hell-Lord know that our princess is not very useful and every piece of information she gives is pretty much useless and cannot be used to the army’s advantage. From this plot on, unbelieve hijinks ensue between the princess, the torturer, and the warlord himself.

What Can We Expect?

The trailer for the anime adaptation was released on October 31, 2023. The manga adaptation is said to be helmed by none other than Studio Pine Jam, the creators of many other fantasy shonen anime such as Gamers!, Just Because!, and Kageki Shojo!!, to name a few. The anime art style is very bright and colourful juxtaposed to a very dark and grainy hell scenario. You can expect a lot of exaggerated facial features, a lot of hijinks to ensue, and more importantly, a protagonist that’s equal parts loveable and equal parts stupid.

The art style takes classic reference to other fantasy shonen such as The Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, and many others. We see a lot of cutaway scenes and bright colors, especially in the moments of food being displayed on screen and some hilariously annoying dialogue.

Our three main characters i.e. Princess, Ex, and Torturer Tortura are voiced by Haruka Shiraishi, Chikahiro Kobayashi, and Shizuka Itou respectively. The series is also said to have an OST by Shallm. It will be exciting to see how the cast of characters brings the joy and madness of the original source material. However, given the source material and the depictions of torture (regardless of the amount of air quotes used) prepare for things to get a bit…weird.

It must be said that the anime adaptation may not be for everyone but truly everyone may find enjoyment in using food as a method of torture.

When is Tis Time For Torture Princess coming?

While we know the release is set in January 2024, a more exact date would be January 9, 2024. The original networks of the anime is Tokyo MX, BS11, and Kansai TV. We are still unsure about the number of episodes present during the first season. Still, we can expect its first season to be filled with the same level of silliness that the original Harahura manga is most beloved for. So grab some desserts, because ‘Tis Time For Torture Princess.

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