The Lord’s Coins Aren’t Decreasing, New Fetcher Take Advantage Of This Now

The Lord’s Coins Aren’t Decreasing It seemed like Aaron Steelegard had it all. He made a fortune after reading a book that gave him access to interdimensional trade. But his rivals, envious of his prosperity, murdered him and stole his wealth.

Fortunately, Aaron was given a second chance at life and was resurrected as a younger version of himself, complete with the knowledge and motivation to exact revenge from his previous existence.

Since being given a second chance at life, Aaron has set his sights on restoring his reputation and financial standing. He can freely accumulate wealth and power, catapulting himself to the top of the interdimensional marketplaces. He is a formidable force, and he is not afraid to tackle any obstacle in his path.

The road ahead, however, will not be easy. It’s time to take on fresh perils and vanquish fresh foes. The Dimensional Trading Center has been turned upside down by a newcomer named Aaron Steelegard.

Lord’s Coins Aren’t Decreasing In the trading world, Aaron is everyone’s enemy; he strives to defeat anyone who stands in his path.

Forget what you may have heard about Aaron being a wimp in the past; he is ready to take on anyone who stands in his way.

Aaron must save as much money as he can along the way if he wants to maintain his honor and keep running toward his objective of revenge. He needs to outsmart his rivals and rise to the top of the interdimensional trading markets using every tool in his arsenal.

The Lord’s Coins Aren’t Decreasing And Aaron is confident that he will succeed and emerge victorious in the end because of his determination, skill, and burning passion for revenge.

Lord, Why Aren’t His Coins Decreasing?! Summing Up Chapter 90

We listen in on Aaron, a lowly employee, as he manipulates CM into firing Shylock, the middle management in charge of Myo AM. CM is skeptical, so he asks Aaron why he told him everything. Since his true identity has been revealed, Aaron explains, Shylock no longer has any use for him.

The Lord’s Coins Aren’t Decreasing CM is persuaded, and Aaron, relieved to have avoided CM, concludes the conversation.

After telling Aaron that the weasel discovered something worrying, Sari takes him to the tower. Aaron is hesitant to enter the forbidden magic tower.

But once he’s inside, he makes a discovery that he and Sierra talk about during the course of the evening’s meal.

Sierra introduces the mana waterfall technology, an artificial body known as the ego controller, and Aaron comes clean about seeing everything.

Sierra tries to scare him away from using his magical voice, but Aaron is unfazed because he practices mental martial arts and knows he can’t be physically hurt. He has intentions of putting the device’s mana to use.

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Lord, Why Aren’t His Coins Decreasing?! Time of Chapter 91’s Publication

Chapter 91 of “The Lord’s Coins Aren’t Decreasing.” was originally published in raw Korean on April 4th. The publishing date for the English translation is speculated to be around April 11 but has not been confirmed.

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Importantly, after finishing the second season, the English-language manhwa’s provider, Tapas, has announced a break, and there has been no official announcement of when it will resume.

Lord, Why Aren’t His Coins Decreasing?! Spoilers for Chapter 91

Aaron’s discovery of free mana and subsequent return with a vacuum cleaner amused readers. Furthermore, readers lusted after Sari and demanded justice for the weasel.

In the following chapter, we hope to see Aaron finally put the ego controller in his place with some good old-fashioned bullying. Whether Sierra accepts it or not. To find out, we must wait until the next Chapter.

The Lord’s Coins Aren’t Weakening—Where Can I Find It? 91st Chapter

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You can read the latest chapter of “The Lord’s Coins Aren’t Decreasing” in its original Korean format on Kakao, and you can read the English translation on Tapas. Followers of the series can now keep tabs on the protagonist’s latest exploits and adventures.