10 Anime Guys Who Fell For The Unpopular Girl

Anime love stories often show couples who are really alike, which makes them seem like a great match even before they admit their feelings for each other. But some of the most heartwarming anime romances are about couples who seem completely different, especially when it comes to how popular they are.

In these stories, you often see a popular guy falling in love with a girl who’s not seen as popular. This kind of romance is more common in shojo anime. It’s all about handsome guys falling head over heels for girls who might not stand out in a crowd. They create strong connections that last.

Some of these anime couples may not feel as relevant today, but they still show a side of romance that we don’t see as often when the roles are flipped. These anime stories, whether the couples end up together or not, remind us that girls who might not be the most popular still deserve someone who cares about them deeply. It’s like a modern fairy tale where the unpopular girl gets her own knight in shining armor.

10. Wolf Girl and Black Prince Anime

Kyouya Sata and Erika Shinohara’s love story kicks off in an unusual way. Erika asks Kyouya to play the role of her boyfriend, all so she can impress her pals. The twist here is that Kyouya, despite being good-looking, doesn’t have the nicest personality.

The romance in “Wolf Girl and Black Prince” starts with this tricky setup, but as the show goes on, Kyouya’s feelings for Erika become genuine. He’s not just a mean guy; he’s more like a soft-hearted person with a tough exterior. Their fake relationship slowly turns into a real one, and they become a more balanced couple as they grow closer.

9. Kiss Him, Not Me Anime

When Kae Serinuma gets really sick after her favorite character dies, she loses some weight and suddenly becomes more attractive to the guys in her class. It’s a bit of a problematic idea, but it’s what sets the stage for Yusuke Igarashi, the popular guy, to develop feelings for Serinuma.

Igarashi is the whole package – he’s smart, good-looking, and a star athlete. On the flip side, Serinuma is known for her love of Otaku stuff. Despite these differences, Igarashi is drawn to Serinuma, and he’s one of four guys who are all trying to win her heart.

In the end, Serinuma doesn’t end up with any of them, but all of these guys, including Igarashi, still care deeply for the passionate and unique girl they’ve come to know.

8. Maid Sama! Anime

Takumi Usui is a bit of a mystery at Seika High School. While he doesn’t seem to care much about most things, there’s one person who captures his attention – the Class President, Misaki Ayuzawa.

It’s not just her incredible determination that intrigues him, but also her unexpected part-time job at a Maid Café. Usui can’t resist being near Misaki, even when she tells him to back off. It’s true that Usui’s behavior can be a bit troublesome, but in the end, he and Misaki do find their way to each other and end up together by the close of the series.

7. Ouran High School Host Club Anime

Tamaki Suoh is like the heartthrob of Ouran Academy, known as the Prince because he’s so popular. People are always eager to spend time with him at his Host Club, and he seems to enjoy all the attention and admiration.

However, things take a turn when Haruhi Fujioka enters the picture. Unlike the other girls at school, Haruhi isn’t immediately taken in by Tamaki’s charming acts. She sees him more as a privileged rich guy who’s never really known hardship. But as time goes on, Haruhi realizes that there’s more to Tamaki than meets the eye, and her feelings for him start to change.

Despite facing plenty of obstacles along the way, Tamaki and Haruhi eventually get what they both wished for – a chance to be together.

6. Recovery of an MMO Junkie Anime

Moriko Morioka made a big choice to leave her corporate job and live a more reclusive life, relying on her savings and spending her days playing video games. She was content with this solitary existence until she crossed paths with a handsome guy named Yuuta Sakurai.

Yuuta, on the other hand, has a regular office job but shares Moriko’s passion for video games. They officially met one day when they bumped into each other on the street, but the interesting part is that they’ve known each other in the virtual world for quite a while. They used to play games together online, and during that time, Yuuta fell in love with Moriko.

Now that they’ve come together in real life, Yuuta has the chance to be with the woman he’s cherished all along, bridging the gap between their virtual and real-world connections.

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5. Skip and Loafer Anime

Sousuke Shima and Mitsumi Iwakura had a chance encounter on their very first day of school. Sousuke noticed that Mitsumi looked a bit lost and kindly offered to help, and from that moment on, their friendship took off like a rocket.

The only downside was that Sousuke’s good looks attracted a lot of attention from their female classmates, and some of them seemed a bit suspicious of Mitsumi. However, neither Sousuke nor Mitsumi paid much mind to the gossip. As time passed, their friendship deepened, and something more began to sprout between them. They realized that they both wanted something beyond just being friends.

Although it might seem like Mitsumi fell for Sousuke first, there’s no denying that Sousuke also had special feelings for Mitsumi that went beyond his relationships with his other female friends.

4. Kimi ni Todoke Anime

Sawako Kuronuma has a bit of a tough reputation at school. Her classmates are so spooked by her that they even gave her the nickname “Sadako,” after a scary character from a horror movie. But luckily, there’s someone who looks beyond that nickname.

Shota Kazehaya is the most popular guy in school, and he’s pretty much liked by everyone. So, it comes as a surprise to his friends when they realize he’s got feelings for the girl who’s not so popular in class. But Kazehaya doesn’t care about all that. He sees Sawako for who she really is – a kind and thoughtful person.

Kazehaya and Sawako show that what others think about you isn’t always a true reflection of who you are inside. They prove that it’s the heart that matters most, not the outside appearance or what people say.

3. Aggretsuko Anime

In this Anime, Retsuko finds herself catching feelings for her friend from Driver’s School, Tadano, without knowing just how famous he really is. Despite his outward appearance of laziness, Tadano is the mastermind behind a super-rich tech company, and he’s so well-known that he graces magazine covers.

Surprisingly, Tadano’s fame hasn’t gone to his head. He’s drawn to Retsuko because of her honesty and unique personality. While their romance doesn’t last very long, the extravagant times they spend together help Retsuko discover what she truly wants in life, even if it means moving on from Tadano and breaking his heart.

2. Romantic Killeri Anime

Anzu Hoshino isn’t just the apple of one popular guy’s eye, but two! First, there’s Tsukasa Kazuki, the charming new kid who’s got all the girls swooning. Then, there’s Junta Hayami, Anzu’s old buddy who underwent a major makeover to become one of the school’s athletic heartthrobs.

These two fell for Anzu in their own unique ways, but what drew them to her was her caring and passionate nature. Even if Anzu didn’t really want all that attention, Tsukasa and Junta couldn’t help but fall for the girl who had been there for them during their toughest times.

1. My Happy Marriage Anime

Miyo Saimori had a really tough upbringing. She had no magical abilities, and her father’s first wife despised her for it. She was treated like a servant and faced torment from her stepmother and step-sister. Things got even worse when she was set to marry a man rumored to be tyrannical.

But as luck would have it, that rumor couldn’t be farther from the truth when it came to Miyo. Kiyoka Kudo, despite being one of the most powerful individuals around, showed immense kindness to Miyo as soon as they met. When he learned about her difficult family situation, Kudo tried to make a deal to keep them away, but her family forced his hand. As a member of one of the most influential families, Kudo pledged to protect Miyo at any cost and loved her deeply with patience for as long as she remained by his side.


In each of these stories, we see that love can blossom in the most unexpected places and under unique circumstances. From high school romances to chance encounters and even magical worlds, these tales remind us that genuine connections go beyond appearances or reputations. Love often finds a way to break through barriers, whether it’s two people from different worlds, childhood friends who evolve into something more, or individuals who defy societal expectations. These stories teach us that love is a powerful force that can overcome challenges and enrich our lives in unexpected and beautiful ways.

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