The Original App Has Been Retired In Iavor Of Pokémon Trading Card Game Live, New Fetcher Take Advantage Of This Now

The official Pokemon TCG Online app will no longer be available in app stores, as confirmed by The Pokemon Company. Players can look forward to the global release of the game’s replacement in the near future, even if Pokemon TCG Online will soon no longer be available.

Pokemon TCG Online is a browser-based video game that was first published in March 2011 for PCs. It is based on the popular Pokemon Trading Card Game.

If developed, Pokemon TCG Online would be an online role-playing game that mimics the popular Pokemon card game. In online card games, users can take against either premade computer opponents or real people using their own personal decks of cards.

Over the course of 12 years, The Pokemon Company has provided support for the game and released updates for mobile devices. Due to The Pokemon Company’s focus on the upcoming global release of a new title, Pokemon TCG Online will no longer receive updates or bug fixes.

The Pokemon Company Has Stated That Pokemon TCG Online Would Be Discontinued Prior To The Release Of Pokemon TCG Live.

There will be no more Pokemon Trading Card Game Online, and the app will be taken down from the App Store, Google Play, and In addition, as of March 1, 2023, Pokemon TCG Online will no longer be updated with new Pokemon TCG goods, cards, or deck accessories.

Prior to the game’s discontinuation, Pokemon TCG Online will maintain Versus Ladder reward tracks and provide problem fixes.
The Pokemon Company has stated that the shutdown of Pokemon TCG Online will allow for greater investment in Pokemon TCG Live’s development.

The Pokemon Company has not announced when Pokemon TCG Online will close, but as the beta testing for Pokemon TCG Live progresses, more details will be made available.

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The official Pokemon Support Website Will Have More Details On The Closure.

Furthermore, additional information about Pokemon TCG Live, such as a release date, is expected to be made public in the near future.

Players of Pokemon TCG Online can get ready for the release of Pokemon TCG Live by taking part in the beta, now that the game’s closure has been confirmed. Players can now bring their Pokemon TCG Online decks to the beta version of the Pokemon Trading Card Game Live.

Since both games utilize the Pokemon Trainer Club account service, the transfer process will be available in the fully released version of Pokemon TCG Live.

All players, new and old, can benefit from the Pokemon Support website’s comprehensive guide on migrating their data from Pokemon TCG Online to Pokemon TCG Live.

As The Pokemon Company readies for a possibly historic launch in the tabletop card game genre, additional information regarding Pokemon TCG Live will be made available to fans.

An Internet connection and a tablet computer are needed to play Pokémon TCG online. Phone-like devices are not supported*.

Jeux, Echanges, Et Compétitions Avec Players From All Around The World!

The online Pokémon TCG is a lot of fun to play and learn. You can get some practice in versus the computer, or you may compete against real people. As you play, you’ll gain access to more cards and decks, allowing you to create more powerful and diverse combinations.

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With your Pokémon Trainer Club account, your decks and card collection are synced across devices, so you can play on the go or at your leisure.

Pick A Deck From The Grass, Fire, Or Water Elements, And Get Right Into A Game.

The best decks are built around a player’s favorite cards, which they earn by playing the game, opening booster packs, and trading with other players. Your assortment expands as you do.

Build your own decks, design your own deck boxes and avatars, and play with your friends in a fully customizable online environment.

Play against the computer until you feel confident enough to take on human opponents. When you’re confident in your deck’s performance, you can show it off by challenging other players or competing in a tournament.

Access To The Lnternet Is Necessary For Use.

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Input Languages for Cards:

The French

  • German
  • Spanish (from Spain)


  • Brazilian Portuguese

Interface Languages:

The French

  • German
  • Spanish (from Spain)

” Dutch “

  • Swedish
  • Dansk


  • Suomi
  • Руcский