Death Note, The Show Premiered On Adult Swim And YTV

Death Note (capitalized) is the title of a series of manga books by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata, published in Japan. From December 2003 until May 2006, it ran in Shueisha’s shoujo manga magazine Weekly Shnen Jump, and its chapters were collected into 12 tankbon volumes.

In the novel, genius Light Yagami comes into possession of a mysterious notebook called the “Death Note,” which once belonged to the shinigami Ryuk and gives its bearer the extraordinary ability to kill anybody whose name appears in the notebook.

Using the guise of a godlike vigilante named “Kira,” Light tries to use the Death Note to commit mass murder of people he deems immoral and create a crime-free society, and the series follows the efforts of an elite Japanese police task force led by the mysterious detective L to apprehend him.

Nippon Television aired a Madhouse-produced and Tetsur Araki-helmed anime television series adaptation of the manga from October 2006 to June 2007 with a total of 37 episodes.

In 2006, Nisio Isin Also Published A Light Book Based On The Series.

In addition, Konami has released a number of Nintendo DS video games. Three live-action films based on the series were released in Japan in June, November, and February of 2006 and 2008, respectively, and a television drama was broadcast in 2015. In 2016, a fourth film and a miniseries named Death Note:

New Generation were both released. In August of 2017, Netflix premiered the American film adaptation and is rumored to be developing a series.

Viz Media is responsible for licensing and releasing Death Note media in North America, with the exception of video games and soundtracks. Before Viz Media licensed it, the anime episodes were first made available in North America as downloads on IGN.

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The Show Premiered On Adult Swim And YTV In The United States And Canada, Respectively, Before Making Its Way To DVD.

The live-action movies were shown in select North American theaters for a short period of time in 2008 before being released on home video. Over 30 million copies of the Death Note manga were in print as of April 2015, making it one of the most popular manga series.

For More Context: Characters From The Death Note Series

A disgruntled high school student called Light Yagami in Tokyo discovers the “Death Note,” a strange black notebook with the power to kill anyone if the owner knows the person’s name and face.

After being horrified by the Death Note’s godlike power, Light begins killing high-profile Japanese criminals before turning his attention to worldwide offenders.

Light is visited by the Death Note’s former owner, a “shinigami” named Ryuk five days after he finds the notebook. Ryuk, who is invisible to anybody who has not handled the notebook, admits that he tossed it into our world because he was bored and finds Light’s antics humorous.

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The media around the world has been calling the strange deaths of criminals around the world “Kira” (, the Japanese version of the word “killer”), implying that a single mastermind is responsible.

In an effort to track down Kira, Interpol has enlisted the help of a mysterious consulting detective they refer to only as “L.” L concludes that Kira’s home base is in Japan, so he manipulates Light into revealing that he is in Kanto by having him kill a decoy.

Light Is Enraged And Decides To Take L’s Life Because He Is In The Way Of His Ambitions.

Light’s father, Soichiro Yagami, is leading the Japanese police inquiry, and L deduces that Kira has inside information of the case. L suspects that members of the “Kira” inquiry may be related to “Kira,” so he has a team of FBI agents keep an eye on Kira’s relatives. From this, he has concluded that Light is the most likely perpetrator.

Light is about to go on from high school to college at this moment. L enlists Light in the Kira Task Force, and the two of them begin trying to coax information out of each other.

Actress-model After obtaining a second Death Note from a shinigami by the name of Rem, Misa Amane makes a bargain with him in exchange for shinigami eyes, which allow her to learn the names of those she sees in a mirror.

Misa discovers Light is the original Kira because she wants him to be her boyfriend, but Light has ulterior motives: he wants to utilize Misa’s shinigami eyes to figure out L’s real name.

L realizes That Misa Is Probably A Double Of Kira And Arrests Her On Suspicion.

If Light cannot find a method to save Misa, Rem will kill him. Light devises a plan whereby he and Misa momentarily forget about the Death Note and Rem gives it to the Yotsuba Group’s Kyosuke Higuchi, who is less morally driven.

Light, having forgotten the Death Note, participates in the inquiry and, with the help of L, determines Higuchi’s true identity and successfully has him apprehended.

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Light Remembers Everything And Kills Higuchi With The Death Note Once Again In His Possession.

L suspects Misa because when he restores her memories, Light tells her to start killing as Kira. After Light implied that Misa would be captured and executed as a result of the investigation, Rem realized that Light’s plan the whole time was to have her sacrifice herself to kill L, since a shinigami may not kill others to prevent the death of a human.

L disintegrates after Rem kills her, and Light ends up with her Death Note. The task group agrees to keep Light’s assumption of L’s duties secret and does not report L’s death. Light’s dual identity as L and Kira has slowed the investigation but has had a positive effect on decreasing crime rates.